Dividends/Fixed Income

5 Big Reasons to Own These 5 Small-Cap REITs

Brad Thomas | |

Good things come in small packages – REIT investing is no exception.

​The Two Factors Driving U.S. Markets & How to Adjust Your Portfolio

MoneyShow | |

In the U.S., it’s all about yields and inflation, both of which have overwhelming consensus views built based on the linear extrapolation of the most recent trends.

Global Fixed Income Views: Q3 2018 | |

The disconnect between the financial markets and the real economy continued in the second quarter.

Ten Reasons This Is My Strongest REIT “Strong Buy”

Brad Thomas | |

Tanger Outlets is my strongest buy conviction and here's why.

10 REIT Ways to Sleep Well At Night

Brad Thomas | |

Instead of counting sheep in bed, investors can count on SWANs.

Global Fixed Income Views: Q3 2018 | |

A significantly stronger dollar remains a risk to global markets, especially within emerging markets.

Dividends, Growth and Undervalued Assets

The Gold Report | |

Finding good holdings that are worth buying when the price is right.

Featured Stocks in June’s Dividend Growth Model Portfolio

David Trainer | |

Get a look at last month’s top performers and a featured stock from June’s Model Portfolio.

Strong Dollar Dividend Growth Stocks to Watch

MoneyShow | |

The dollar was weak until a couple months ago and now it’s at a high and so when the dollar gets strong, it hurts the multinationals.

​Interest Rate Strategy: A Lot Depends on Your Age

MoneyShow | |

Interest rates are the most important markets in the world.

Emerging Growth

DirectView Holdings Inc

DirectView Holdings Inc designs and installs surveillance systems, digital video recording and services. The company through its subsidiaries operates within two divisions security and surveillance and video conferencing services.


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