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An Important Year for Bond Investors | |

After ten long years the markets are now offering yields on ultra-safe one year treasuries above the inflation rate, as measured by Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE).

Significant Emerging Markets Contagion is Very Much Possible

Ivan Martchev | |

Another week and another all-time low for the Argentine peso, which registered its first weekly close above 40 per dollar, or 41.28 to be exact.

Junk Bond Prices Are Still Too Expensive

Ivan Illán | |

Junk bonds have a long way to go before offering more attractive yields to compensate for their inherent credit risk.

Are Dividends Telling Us Something?

Lance Roberts | |

Since 2009, due to the Federal Reserve’s suppression of interest rates, investors have piled into dividend yielding equities, regardless of fundamentals, due to the belief “there is no alternative.”

The Asia Pacific Fund: Striving for Growth and Value

Derek Hansen | |

As U.S. stock markets rally to new records, investors are increasingly looking to Asia for new growth opportunities.

Dividend Investments: Brookfield Global Listed Infrastructure Income Fund Offers Elevated Return Potential


One sector that should be considered by value-oriented investors is in closed-end funds, which often trade at attractive discounts relative to net asset value.

Featured Stock in August’s Dividend Growth Model Portfolio

David Trainer | |

Snap-On has increased its annual dividend each of the past nine years.

Should We Trust the Yield Curve Alarm? | |

The yield curve, specifically its potential inversion, has become a trusted signal of impending economic turmoil due to the close historical relationship between inversions and recessions.

Smart Money is Buying Treasuries

Simon Maierhofer | |

Does this mean Treasuries will finally break out of their 6+ month trading range?

Recommendation for Bond Investors: Don’t Fight Financial Repression

Daniel Nevins | |

Centuries and even millennia of recorded history show overindebted governments habitually using financial repression as an essential part of their debt management strategies. That’s not likely to change.

Emerging Growth

DirectView Holdings Inc

DirectView Holdings Inc designs and installs surveillance systems, digital video recording and services. The company through its subsidiaries operates within two divisions security and surveillance and video conferencing services.


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