Dividends/Fixed Income

REIT Resolutions For 2019

Brad Thomas | |

In the world of investing, and REIT investing, and my wider blessed life, here are 10 ideas for me, and perhaps inspiring for you.

Why Gundlach Is Still Wrong About Higher Rates

Lance Roberts | |

While Gundlach suggests that yields are rising to 6% in the next couple of years, such would suggest an extremely strong rebound in economic growth.

The Bond Rally Was No Surprise

Lance Roberts | |

What is it the mainstream analysis continues to miss?

Holdings-Based Diligence Reveals a Dividend Champion

David Trainer | |

We think increased appreciation for holdings quality research will make the market more efficient by pushing capital towards funds like this one that holds highly profitable and undervalued stocks.

Here’s a Surefire Way to Know If the High Dividend Is Safe—and My 3 Top Picks

Robert Ross | |

Higher rates raise the cost of running a business. And that can lower company earnings and weigh on share prices. But not all stocks are created equal.

These Oil Stocks Are a Ticking Time Bomb

Robert Ross | |

The yields on energy master limited partnerships (MLPs) are very tempting. But while the MLP yields are generous, many of them are very unsafe.

These Little-Known Stocks Thrive Amid Rising Rates and Earn Investors +7% Yields

Robert Ross | |

Rising interest rates are not bad for all stocks. In fact, some businesses actually benefit when interest rates rise.

Isn't It Amazing How the Fed Controls the Market?

Elliott Wave Trader | |

At the end of the day, no matter what the Fed says or does, the markets rally.

Brookfield Global Listed Infrastructure Income Fund: Potential for Diversified Protection in Volatile Markets

Derek Hansen | |

Stock investors have experienced rising volatility levels since the summer, and this has generated new rounds of analysis which suggests that equities markets have become overvalued.

Keeping it Short With Bonds is Paying Off | |

With rising interest rates, fixed income investors are shifting to lower duration bonds and the related funds.

Emerging Growth

IMV Inc.

Immunovaccine Inc is clinical stage biopharmaceutical company. The Company develops products based on its proprietary vaccine enhancement platform in T cell activating therapies for cancer.


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