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It’s Early, But EM Bonds Are Rebounding

It’s Early, But EM Bonds Are Rebounding | |

Emerging markets central banks are getting hawkish. JPMorgan expects 19 of the 24 major developing economies it tracks to raise interest rates this year.

Half of Investment-Grade Bonds Are Just One Step from Junk Status

Robert Ross | |

When the market drops, conventional investing wisdom says buy bonds. And this is what investors did. Except...

REITs Field Journal: 5 Powerful REITs for Retirement

Brad Thomas | |

In retirement - or anytime - crafting a worthy portfolio of stellar REITs requires selecting from the most high-quality, steadfast companies.

Jiangsu Expressway: Growing Chinese Toll Road With a 5% Dividend

Lyn Alden | |

A look at the opportunities and risks of investing in Chinese toll roads, with a focus on Jiangsu Province.

REITs 101: Easy as ABC - An Investor’s Starter Guide

Brad Thomas | |

As I sat, calculating the 2018 results for my REIT newsletter’s several portfolios, I was reminded of the importance of “the basics”… especially with such a recent, rollicking stock market.

Financial Myths: Looking for the Fastball, Got the Curve Ball — Part I

Michael McTague | |

The main focus of this financial myths series will be US municipals, excluding US territories, the euro zone, Japan and elsewhere.

Decide on Discipline With Corporate Bonds | |

As investors fret about the potential for a spate of downgrades in 2019 for investment-grade corporate bonds that currently have tenuous grasps on quality ratings, many are departing credit funds.

REIT Resolutions For 2019

Brad Thomas | |

In the world of investing, and REIT investing, and my wider blessed life, here are 10 ideas for me, and perhaps inspiring for you.

Why Gundlach Is Still Wrong About Higher Rates

Lance Roberts | |

While Gundlach suggests that yields are rising to 6% in the next couple of years, such would suggest an extremely strong rebound in economic growth.

The Bond Rally Was No Surprise

Lance Roberts | |

What is it the mainstream analysis continues to miss?