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Edmunds Highlights 10 Notable New Cars for 2019

Associated Press | |

These 10 vehicles highlight the best of what you can expect at dealerships now or in the near future.

Is Netflix About to Change How It Releases Original Movies?

Guardian Web | |

At Netflix, “disruption” is everything.

E-Cigarette Sales Soar as Juul Value Rises to $15 Billion

Alex Hamilton | |

The e-cigarette industry sold $2.31 billion in the 12-month period ended August 11, but Juul accounted for more than 50% of figure through the period.

Summer 2018 Box Office: What Can We Learn from the Hits and Misses?

Guardian Web | |

There is too much of a good thing.

CHECKLIST: Buy Tesla or Not?

Chip Corley | |

One man's trip to the Tesla store.

Consumer Cyclicals Sector 3Q18: Best and Worst

David Trainer | |

The Consumer Cyclicals sector ranks eighth out of the 11 sectors.

Macy's Investors Not Buying Macy's Sales Rebound

Associated Press | |

Macy's raised its annual profit forecast as the department store reported an unexpected increase in a key sales measure.

Interesting Investments: Whisky

Avery-Taylor Phillips | |

There are a few reasons whisky might be worth your investment. For one, rare and limited whisky has seen a 25 percent annual return in the past decade.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small — Michaels is Just Right

David Trainer | |

A rising number of individuals are engaged in the DIY crafting movement, and there is one company capitalizing on this growing market and making a lot of money while doing so.