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Jeff Bezos Tells Employees 'One Day Amazon Will Fail'

Guardian Web | |

In an all-hands meeting with his staff, the world’s richest man made the surprising warning that Amazon, currently valued just short of $1 trillion, would one day face its own demise.

FDA to Crack Down on Menthol Cigarettes, Flavored Vapes

Associated Press | |

A top U.S. health official is pledging to try to ban menthol from regular cigarettes, outlaw flavors in all cigars and tighten rules regarding the sale of most flavored versions of e-cigarettes.

Gene-Edited Food Is Coming, but Will Shoppers Buy?

Associated Press | |

A new generation of biotech foods is getting close to the grocery aisles.

Consumer Group Releases 'Worst Toys' List for Holidays

Associated Press | |

Massachusetts-based World Against Toys Causing Harm, or W.A.T.C.H., unveiled its list Tuesday at a Boston children's hospital.

Amazon to Split Second HQ Between New York, Virginia

Associated Press | |

The online retailer is expected to make an official announcement later Tuesday.

Homeowners Are Spending, Home Depot is Winning

Associated Press | |

The results exceeded Wall Street expectations.

The Future of Customer Rewards: Card Linked Offers

Visual Capitalist | |

Payments are increasingly cashless and mobile, and card linked offers present a new opportunity for businesses to create successful customer rewards programs.

How Technology is Shaping the Future of Consumer Credit

Visual Capitalist | |

Massive amounts of data, the use of biometrics, the fintech boom, and neural networks are just some trends shaping the future of consumer credit.

40 Years of Music Industry Sales

Visual Capitalist | |

A revealing look at three decades of music industry sales. After a devastating decline, streaming services like Spotify are helping the industry regain its footing.

Is Netflix Really Worth as Much as Disney?

Lyn Alden | |

This late in the market cycle is a good time to re-evaluate what we're willing to pay for growth stocks.