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Macy’s Sends Ominous Signal for Retailers in 2nd Quarter

Macy’s Sends Ominous Signal for Retailers in 2nd Quarter

Associated Press | |

Macy’s is the first major retailer to report quarterly earnings and what it revealed does not bode well for the sector.

Disney’s Avengers Spell Endgame for Netflix

David Trainer | |

Content is king, and Disney’s superior content will help it translate its dominance from the box office to the streaming video world.

The Evolution of ​Influencer Marketing

Gary C. Bizzo | |

Innovation is the key to survival in the new world of micro-influencers.

The Cold, Hard Math Shows Netflix Could Crash 70%

Stephen McBride | |

It’s official... it’s the beginning of the end for Netflix.

The REAL Cost Of Phishing

Maggie Kimberl | |

Emails with phishing links are a lot more common than you think.

This Is Your Last Chance to Dump Netflix Stock

Stephen McBride | |

The problems start with valuation.

​Nootropics is the Fyre Festival of the Supplement Industry

Stephen L Kanaval | |

Nootropics has become a mix of Goop and Fight Club.

Interview: Billy Starkey, CEO, Palladion Signature Import

Traders Network Show | |

Importer of high-end fine wines and premium spirits.

Why a Healthy Regulatory Environment Is Vital For the Growth of Small-Dollar Lending

Howard Goldstein | |

Small-sum lending plays a vital role within financial ecosystems around the world. Cap laws and regulations, however, could have a negative impact on consumers who depend on these short-term loans.

How the Modern Consumer is Different

Visual Capitalist | |

Three broad demographic trends have completely altered the consumer landscape.


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