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The Gap Steps into the Men's Athleisure Game

The Gap Steps into the Men's Athleisure Game

Associated Press | |

The Gap Inc. is struggling with weak sales and follows others in recognizing a sustained demand for work-to-yoga studio clothing.

Nike, Under Armour Shares Climb

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Overall, this year Nike shares are up 35 percent with confidence growing in digital sales, according to analysts.

NJ Probes FanDuel Refusal to Pay $82k on Wrong Football Odds

Associated Press | |

FanDuel said in a statement that its system malfunctioned and it is not obligated to pay out on an obvious error.

MoviePass Rival Offers Unlimited Movie-Going at Theaters

Associated Press | |

A Turkish startup is offering a movie a day in theaters for $30 a month. It's three times what MoviePass had charged for a similar plan.

Esports Is Exploding—Here Are the 3 Best Stocks to Profit

Stephen McBride | |

There are now American video-gaming leagues modeled after the NBA and NFL.

Nike's Kaepernick Campaign Signals Change in Shoe Politics

Associated Press | |

With the Kaepernick campaign , Nike is embracing activism and racial justice at a time when shoe companies can no longer avoid the nation's political division.

Edmunds Highlights 10 Notable New Cars for 2019

Associated Press | |

These 10 vehicles highlight the best of what you can expect at dealerships now or in the near future.

Is Netflix About to Change How It Releases Original Movies?

Guardian Web | |

At Netflix, “disruption” is everything.

E-Cigarette Sales Soar as Juul Value Rises to $15 Billion

Jacob Maslow | |

The e-cigarette industry sold $2.31 billion in the 12-month period ended August 11, but Juul accounted for more than 50% of figure through the period.

Summer 2018 Box Office: What Can We Learn from the Hits and Misses?

Guardian Web | |

There is too much of a good thing.

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