Jeff Kagan: AT&T, Elliott Management and Growth Strategy

Jeff Kagan: AT&T, Elliott Management and Growth Strategy

Jeff Kagan | |

Elliott Management says they want AT&T to focus on the investor. Is that the right strategy? The best strategy focuses on the worker, then customer. That is what will reward the investor.

4 Momentum Stocks to Watch

Harry Boxer | |

​Stocks in e-gaming, blockchain and other momentum areas are among our top charts to watch today.

Crude Oil Setting Up For A Downside Price Rotation

Chris Vermeulen | |

...current price highs, near $59 to $60, will likely continue as strong price resistance...

Energy Sector Reaches Key Low Point - Start Looking For The Next Move

Chris Vermeulen | |

With Crude Oil pushing higher over the past few weeks and targeting levels just below the $59 price area, we believe the timing of this move in ERY is almost perfect.

Chris Vermeulen on Gold, Silver, Miners, Crude Oil, Bonds, and Bitcoin.

Chris Vermeulen | |

Chris speaks with HoweStreet about a wide range of topics.

The Easiest Way to Maximize Your Dividends

Robert Ross | |

There are plenty of good reasons to sell an underperforming stock. But panic selling a “keeper” is one of the death knells of investing.

​Why Nextdoor’s Unicorn Status Is Actually Depressing

Stephen L Kanaval | |

Nextdoor is a useful app and also a mirror of our society.

An Investing Megatrend: How Climate Change and Resource Scarcity are Shaping the Future

Visual Capitalist | |

Climate change and resource scarcity will be a long-term opportunity for investors.

Metals & The US Dollar – How It All Relates – Part II

Chris Vermeulen | |

Simply put, currency pricing pressures are likely to isolate many foreign markets from investment activities...

Metals & The US Dollar: How It All Relates – Part I

Chris Vermeulen | |

Precious metals, specifically Gold, has skyrocketed to some of the highest levels in recent times as foreign currencies devalue against the US Dollar.


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