Utility Investing Is a Steady, Buy-and-Hold Play. Just Not in This Market

Tradier | |

Utility companies provide essential services critical to sustaining life and comfort by supplying people with natural gas, electricity, water and power. Investors tend to hold utility shares in portfolios as long-term investments because they offer price stability and attractive dividend income.

Common utilities include water, sewer, electric, gas, trash and recycling companies. Some technology companies — including cable TV, internet, security, and phone commu...

An Easy Way to Profit Off One of Today’s Strongest Sectors

Justin Spittler | |

Investors are always looking for ways to stack the odds in their favor. One of the simplest ways to improve your investing odds is to invest in the strongest sectors. 

Stocks move in groups. According to legendary trader William O’Neal, 37% of a stock’s price movement comes from the ...

What You Should Know About Europe's Energy Wars

Marin Katusa | |

Europe's over-reliance on natural gas has put it in a bad spot.

Inflation Continues To Drive Interest Rates Higher

Tradier | |

Q2 GDP data confirms that US is in a recession.

Kagan: IBM Watson Health Fails, Becomes Merative After Acquisition

Jeff Kagan | |

IBM Watson is a brilliant idea that failed in the marketplace. After being acquired and changing its name to Merative, will it win at the AI and IoT health game going forward?

Is Your iPhone Already Obsolete?

Chris Reilly | |

How soon will you be throwing away your new iPhone?

What To Expect From Teladoc in Telehealth Going Forward: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Teladoc has been on a roller coaster for years. The COVID-19 pandemic put the company on the fast track. Now with recovery, things are getting back to normal in telehealth. So, what's coming next?

Energy Sector Continues To Buck Market Downtrend

Tradier | |

After lagging the stock market for years, traditional energy companies have become the leader.

Modine Posts Strong Rebound in Fiscal Q4, Raises 2023 Guidance

Edward Kim | |

Operating income for the full fiscal year was $119.2 million, compared to a loss of $97.7 million in the prior year.

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