​Investing in Lithium Mining and Electric Vehicles

MoneyShow | |

According to many forecasts, lithium demand should increase steadily for many years.

​As Graphite Market Heats Up, Lomiko Raises Capital and Doubles Stake in La Loutre

Spotlight Companies | |

The company intends to be leading producer of what Goldman Sachs calls a "miracle material".

​Lithium, An Oligopoly, The EV Boom And Horizon Minerals Corp

Samuel Rae | |

It's an attractive time for juniors in the lithium space.

3 Ways Commodity Investors Can Play the Tech Boom

The Gold Report | |

It's often difficult to understand the global markets for critical minerals so The Gold Report narrowed it to three—lithium, cobalt and graphite—and brought in Simon Moores,

A Power Portfolio Primed for Profits

The Energy Report | |

Paul Renken, mining analyst with London-based VSA Capital, says risk capital is being invested ahead of actual consumer demand in the high-technology battery/electric vehicle sector, and believes

Do Millennials Invest in Resource Stocks?

The Gold Report | |

What do Gen Xers not understand about value investing? What can Millennials learn from today's resource investors? In anticipation of Father's Day, The Gold Report, quizzed Chris and Dr.

Investing in the Lithium Boom

The Energy Report | |

Tesla's Gigafactory and Powerwall, plus other proposed battery plants and uses, are sparking a surge in demand for lithium, says Jonathan Lee of JGL Partners. Lee tells The Energy Report that

Assessing the Real Threat of Deflation

The Mining Report | |

Where can investors turn when global quantitative easing and the Energizer Bunny of dollars is crushing commodity prices to within an inch of the junior miners' lives? In this interview with

Who Will Fuel the Battery Revolution?

The Mining Report | |

Following the lead of Tesla Motors, LG Chem, Foxconn and others are racing to build megafactories to build batteries for electric cars. Yet even now the world supply of graphite, lithium and

Commodities to Play Tesla's Gigafactory

The Gold Report | |

Tesla Motors makes the most sought-after electric cars in the world. Those cars run on advanced electric batteries and Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to build them in America. Tesla has dubbed its

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