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SaviCorp. Offers Market and Environmental Value

Brittney Barrett | |

Pollution is arguably one of the greatest challenges facing the planet today. The threats posed by global warming and declining air quality continue to loom alongside the reality that change needs

Metals and Miners Climb on Continued Volatility

Brittney Barrett | |

The weakness in equities drove investors to metals again on Wednesday. Gold futures reached yet another record in trading as the previous day’s stock gains were erased. Investors have needed

3 Oil & Gas Companies Recovering Quickly

Brittney Barrett | |

The Dow has regained nearly 200 of the 600 points it lost yesterday and while it may be a short-lived attempt by bulls to make major margins in the event of a recovery, it could also be indicative

Have We Seen the Bottom for Oil Prices?

Dan Steffens | |

The recent dip in oil prices is tied directly to the global realization that the United States has a dysfunctional federal government.  I don't care if your politics are Left, Right or right down

Continued Strength of Gold Bodes Well for Miners

Brittney Barrett | |

Economic uncertainty generally works in favor of gold, leading many investors to assume an end to the precious metal’s ascent with resolution of the deficit. That; however, has not been the

​Azarga Metals Reports Excellent Ag-Cu Assay

Peter Epstein | |

Azarga is drilling close to Soviet-era holes to test thickness of copper zones.

Nexgen Energy LTD, Best House in a Bad Neighborhood

Peter Epstein | |

Getting invested in nuclear through uranium...

Frank Holmes | |

How big a hit will the world economy suffer?

My Li Valentine Day's Gift, an Interview With Mr. #Lithium

Peter Epstein | |

Happy Valentine's Day.

​Can Nevada #Lithium Juniors Obtain Water Rights?

Peter Epstein | |

Investing in newly minted Nevada lithium juniors can cause confusion and anxiety.

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