Oil & Gas

OPEC Appears To Be Delivering On Production Cuts, So Why Aren’t Prices Rising?

Crudefunders | |

Oil continues to trade in the low-to-mid $50 range.

Here's Why Energy Bulls Will Likely Be Disappointed

Patrick Watson | |

There's just too much supply and not enough demand.

​American Fracking Companies Keeping Their DUCs in a Row

Rodney Johnson | |

OPEC producers say they're cutting production... but can they be trusted?

Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (CDTI) Saw Activity Yesterday and a New Partnership

Matthew Paul | |

Some see this as a bullish sign as this announcement sets up a lucrative partnership; collaborating with CDTI enables DENSO to offer customers an extended range of application coverage.

Gold, Oil and Anti-Globalization: 6 Big Stories from 2016...

Frank Holmes | |

It's been a wild year for markets...

The Anatomy of US Oil Imports is Changing... Fast

Visual Capitalist | |

In 10 short years, Canada has replaced OPEC...

How Trump Could Blow Up The Bull Market...

John Mauldin | |

Trump's plans may sound great for business, but the devil is in the details...

Will the OPEC Production Cut Lead to $70 Oil in 2017?

Frank Holmes | |

Oil rallied the last three times OPEC cut production...

​OPEC’s Pain Outweighs Politics

Ivan Illán | |

Big money tends to make strange bedfellows...

What Countries Do We Get Our Raw Materials From?

Visual Capitalist | |

It truly is a global world...

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