Oil & Gas

​How Crude Oil Prices React to Geopolitics

Crudefunders | |

How is oil responding to the conflict in Syria?

Challenging Times for OPEC Nations

Rodney Johnson | |

With friends like these…

What Can We Learn from Crude Oil’s First Quarter Report Card?

Crudefunders | |

All signs point to lower prices...

This Model Perfectly Explains the Recent Oil Price Swings

Jared Dillian | |

Human ingenuity has brought the price of oil way down for a very long time...

Just How Deep is the World's Deepest Oil Well?

Visual Capitalist | |

Ever wondered how far down companies are willing to drill for oil?

Geopolitical Risk and Its Effect on the Price of Crude Oil

Crudefunders | |

The world is destabilizing politically... and it's doing a number on oil prices.

​A 5.6¢ Drop in Gasoline Adds Up To Billions in Savings

William Corley | |

Drivers have found themselves with extra money left over after the past few months.

In Desperation, Saudi Arabia Turns to Asia for Investment

John Mauldin | |

Depressed oil prices can lead to extreme measures...

Crude Oil Production & Supply: Have We Made Any Actual Progress in A Year?

Crudefunders | |

Investors need to ask themselves, did market fundamentals change in the past year?

​When Times Get Tough in the Oil Patch, Amazing Things Can Happen...

Crudefunders | |

Producers are working to solve the industry's most pressing problems...

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