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Don’t Stuff Your Portfolio With These Turkeys in 2020 | |

Several asset classes look especially risky as we approach the new year.

Markets Aren’t Expecting Another Iranian Attack

Guild Investment Management | |

Neither equities nor oil has priced in the risk of more drastic actions by Iran to secure relief from tightening sanctions.

Should You Buy the Saudi Aramco IPO?

Frank Holmes | |

Saudi Arabia is finally set to sell shares of its national oil company, Saudi Aramco. Coincidence or not, the timing is interesting.

Saudi Aramco Releases Preliminary IPO Prospectus

AP News | |

Saudi Arabia's oil giant netted profits of $111 billion last year, more than Apple, Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil combined.

Oil Production and The Global Economy

Rodney Johnson | |

The U.S. will become the largest oil producer in the world by 2021, but there are new forces on the horizon.

The #1 Reason the World’s Most Powerful Stock Is Crashing

Stephen McBride | |

Why are so many formerly powerful “Big Oil” stocks trading like they’re going out of business?

Saudi Arabia Formally Launches IPO of Oil Giant Saudi Aramco

AP News | |

Crown Prince Mohammed is hoping for an optimistic $2 trillion valuation in a deal that could be the world's largest ever IPO.

Which Companies Are Responsible For the Most Carbon Emissions?

Visual Capitalist | |

Over the past 50 years, 20 companies have contributed 35% of cumulative global emissions, mostly from the combustion of their products.

What the Closing of a Legendary Commodities Fund Could Mean for Investors

Frank Holmes | |

Blenheim Capital Management’s CEO and chief investment officer, Willem Kooyker, is calling it quits after a 50-year money management career that made him a legend in oil, metals and agricultural markets.

More Signs of Trouble in the Crude Oil Market

Ivan Martchev | |

Over the long term, oil prices reflect the health of the global economy.

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