Life Sciences

CytoBioscience: Microcap Play in the $55 Billion Life Science Instrumentation Market

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Market expected to grow to over $75 billion by 2022 (Image: CiPA Initiative)

resTORbio Shows Positive Phase 2b Data in Respiratory Tract Infections

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RTB101 shown to decrease incidence of infection with severe symptoms by 52.1% vs placebo (Image: resTORbio)

AcelRx Gets FDA Advisory Committee Recommendation for Acute Pain Therapy

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Anesthetic & Analgesic Drug Products Advisory Committee voted 10-3 in recommending approval of Dsuvia (sublingual sufentanil) for acute pain in medically supervised settings (Image: AcelRx).

PhaseBio's $65 Million IPO Expected Next Week for Orphan Cardiopulmonary Diseases

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Clinical candidates for reversal agent for antiplatelet drug and for pulmonary arterial hypertension (Image: PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals)

TG Therapeutics Shows Positive Final Phase 2 Data in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

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Data presented at ECTRIMS, the world's largest MS conference

Gotham Therapeutics Launches with $54 Million Co-Led by Versant Ventures, Forbion and SR One

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Pioneering RNA modification to control gene expression (Image: Gotham Therapeutics)

Equillium's $70 Million IPO Expected This Week for Immuno-Inflammatory Diseases

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Lead candidate targeting graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) (Image: Equillium).

Novartis to Get Expedited FDA Review of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Drug

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Phase 3 data shows siponimod has beneficial effects on disability, relapses and MRI disease activities (Image: Novartis)

Osmotica Pharmaceuticals' $125 Million IPO Expected Next Week

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$246 million in revenue in 2017 from specialty neurology, women's health and generics. Phase 3 in MS and droopy eyelid (Image: Osmotica Pharmaceuticals).

Zealand Pharma Enrolls First Patient in Phase 3 Trial for Short Bowel Syndrome

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Glepaglutide was shown in Phase 2 trial to increase intestinal absorption after only 3 weeks of treatment (Image: Zealand Pharma)

Emerging Growth

DirectView Holdings Inc

DirectView Holdings Inc designs and installs surveillance systems, digital video recording and services. The company through its subsidiaries operates within two divisions security and surveillance and video conferencing services.


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