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Itronics (OTC: ITRO) Sales up 62% on Improved Distribution Channel

Stephen L Kanaval | |

​Itronics Inc. (ITRO) reported that their GOLD’n GRO fertilizer product sales are up 62% percent for July and August and many analysts can’t help but root for this clean science company.

13 Scientific Reasons Why Your Brain Loves Infographics

Visual Capitalist | |

The science behind the infographic boom...

How Lithium-Ion Became the Battery of Choice for the 21st Century

Visual Capitalist | |

Lithium-ion batteries are transforming the tech we use every day.

Know Your Cannabis: What's the Difference Between THC and CBD?

Visual Capitalist | |

If you're looking to invest in cannabis, you'd better know what it entails...

VBI Vaccines (VBIV) and SciVac Therapeutics Complete Strategic Merger

Stephen L Kanaval | |

The completed merger of VBI Vaccines Inc. and SciVac Therapeutics Inc. was announced today.

Eyecarrot's Binovi System goes well Beyond the Usual Eye Exam

Stephen L Kanaval | |

Eyecarrot’s (TSX.V: EYC) Binovi™ cloud system aims to go much further than the basic eye exam. and a new partnership with Microsoft will help them grow even more.

Can Immune Pharma Compete with Regeneron, Sanofi and Anacor Blockbuster Drugs for Eczema?

Ari Zoldan | |

Immune Pharmaceuticals is competing with industry giant Regeneron and mid-cap company Anacor Pharmaceuticals, in an attempt to cure eczema.

The Ebola Vaccine Just Sold for $5 Million at Davos

Stephen L Kanaval | |

This deal at Davos is remarkable because it shows a world health organization stockpiling vaccine doses before it has been licensed.

2016 Life Science Changes to Watch

Steve Kanaval | |

The changes in medicine and treating disease over the next few years will be the lynch pin for extending life expectancy. Those who understand Life Science know that our children will all live beyond the 100 year mark.

Martin Shkreli: The Steve Bartman of Investing

Steve Kanaval | |

So essentially you had 200 million of valuation disappear into thin air. The perils of trading Biotech and Life Science stocks are evident, and this is a lesson to observe.


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Can the Media Solve the Partisan Conflict?

Andrew McCarthy, Contributing Editor, The National Review; Michael Zeldin, CNN Legal Analyst; Celeste Katz, Senior Political Reporter, Glamour; Silvia Davi, SVP, Contributing Editor,; and Doug Simon, CEO, D S Simon Media discuss how the media’s role has shaped the landscape for communicators and what the media is trying to do to reduce discord in society.