Sanofi Gets FDA Approval for Highest Capacity Long-Acting Insulin Pen

Edward Kim | |

New pen can potentially reduce the number of injections for people who need more long-acting insulin and lower copay costs.

NIH Launches Multi-Organizational Partnership to Advance Parkinson's Disease Clinical Trials

Edward Kim | |

To identify and validate promising biomarkers for Parkinson's disease (Image: NIH)

Here's What Sanofi Is Trying to Do In MS With the Latest Deal

Mark Collins | |

Here's a look at Sanofi's latest deal with Principia.

MetaStat (MTST) Adds Accomplished Drug Developer Renato Skerlj to Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board

Edward Kim | |

MetaStat adds the developer of Invanz and Mozobil to Its Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board.

Regulus Therapeutics (RGLS): Alport Syndrome and Other microRNA Targets

Edward Kim | |

Regulus Therapeutics is developing treatments for renal, hepatic and central nervous systems diseases based on microRNA targeting.

Voyager Therapeutics (VYGR): Gene Therapy for Severe Neurological Diseases

Edward Kim | |

Voyager Therapeutics is developing targeted gene therapies for severe neurological diseases.

​EpiPen Pricing: Much Ado About Nothing

Guild Investment Management | |

How has Mylan enjoyed such market dominance and pricing power on a drug long been out of patent?

This Week’s Market Action: Yellen, Kobe Bryant, Sophiris Bio

Joel Anderson | |

Stagnant markets most of the week, while Mylan came under fire and Kobe launched a new pursuit.

​VBI Vaccines, Inc. (VBIV) is One of the Most Interesting Companies in Biotech Right Now

Samuel Rae | |

VBI Vaccines, Inc. could be a major disruptor in biotech.

Can Immune Pharma Compete with Regeneron, Sanofi and Anacor Blockbuster Drugs for Eczema?

Ari Zoldan | |

Immune Pharmaceuticals is competing with industry giant Regeneron and mid-cap company Anacor Pharmaceuticals, in an attempt to cure eczema.


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