What Twitter Is Good For and Not Good For? — Amplification and Acceleration, Not Influence

Evan Kirstel | |

To maximize Twitter's impact, you first need to understand how a business should use it.

Post-IPO Communications: What to do After the Honeymoon is Over

MoneyShow | |

While completing an IPO represents the culmination of a lot of hard work and planning, it is actually very much the beginning of the journey.

Do Instagram Influencers Impact Sales: Infographic

Darren DeMatas | |

When done right, social media marketing can build brand loyalty and increase profits.

​Internet Marketing's Growth Story Is Still Strong

Guild Investment Management | |

Internet advertising is not going away.

Weathering the Storm with Social Media

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

In a catastrophe such as a hurricane, flood or tornado, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat are perfect for getting news out quickly.

​Where to Find Value in an Overheated Market

Charles Sizemore | |

“Private equity” can conjure entertaining mental images.

SEC Expands Confidential IPO Filing to All Issuers

David Feldman | |

Confidential submission allows a company to go through SEC review before deciding whether to move forward with an offering or filing.

Why Chinese E-Commerce Innovation is Pulling Ahead

Guild Investment Management | |

China’s new urban dwellers are busy using the tools they have at their disposal to recreate social connections for themselves: and that means social media and e-commerce.

​GSV Capital a Great Risk-Reward Opportunity With Improving IPO Market

Spotlight Companies | |

After two years of sluggishness, the IPO market is heating up again in 2017.

Cyren (CYRN) Detects and Blocks WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Edward Kim | |

Cyren issued a customer update today, assuring and reminding that its cloud security products provided protection from all known variants of the WannaCry ransomware attack. (Image source: InfoWorld)

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