Comeback Candidates: Oil and Gold

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Comebacks are always in style; here are five stocks that struggled last year but are likely to rebound strongly as their industries pick up steam.

​Top Picks 2018: Can Weatherford Turn the Tide?

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Weatherford’s shares currently trade at eight-year lows.

​Why SPDR Energy Select Sector is Top Pick for Oil Seasonality

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Oil companies typically come into favor in mid-December and remain so until late April or early May in the following year.

​Three ETFs that Could Lift with Saudi Oil Price Push

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Prince Mohammed bin Salman is sending a clear message to the Saudi elite that he is running the show.

​Best Buys in the Energy Sector

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With the market setting new highs and valuations at historically lofty levels, risk-averse advisors may look to market laggards, including opportunities in the energy sector.

​Schlumberger: Strong Dividend and Shares with Room to Run Up

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Size matters for income investors seeking safe dividends from energy investments.

​Schlumberger: A Premier Play in Oilfield Services

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Schlumberger is a premier oilfield equipment and services company with a global footprint.

What a Hillary Clinton Presidency Could Mean for the and U.S. Oil Boom

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Cheap oil prices and the economic prosperity they bring can make politicians and investors look smarter than they are. In this interview with The Mining Report, Stansberry Research Editor Matt

How Yield-Seeking Investors Can Survive Low Energy Prices

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With gas prices stuck at historic lows for the foreseeable future, bored investors can look toward master limited partnerships to increase profit yields on energy portfolios. Elliott Gue, energy

How "Big Oil" Might Be Getting Even Bigger

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Consolidation is coming to the oil and gas industry, says Brandon Dobell of William Blair & Co. As economic recovery takes root, oil prices will stabilize at current levels and interest rates

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