​Here’s Why Amazon Is Not a Monopoly

Charles Sizemore | |

I recently Google searched the term “Amazon monopoly.” It returned over 4 million results.

​Why Some Turnarounds May Flourish or Fail

MoneyShow | |

Here are some things to look for.

​Buffett Bets on Store Capital

MoneyShow | |

Berkshire Hathaway owns nearly 10% of this REIT, and it's far from alone.

Don’t Short Retail Stocks—the Trade Is Already Half Over

Jared Dillian | |

The nature of capitalism is that, at some point, the disrupter gets disrupted.

​Was Buffett Right in Selling Walmart?

William Corley | |

Buffett is rarely wrong, but in this case, he may have jumped the gun... Is Bigger Than Most Brick and Mortar Retailers... Put Together

Visual Capitalist | |

All hail King Bezos...

Financial Myths: “Don’t Laugh, This Isn’t Reality TV” Part II

Michael McTague | |

This Jack Nicholson line from The Departed shows he was onto something. Reality TV may resemble the way things work more than we would like to think. The Myth Buster realizes that the topic

Financial Myths: “Don’t Laugh, This Isn’t Reality TV” Part I

Michael McTague | |

Jack Nicholson’s line from The Departed has caught on with many executives and offers a myth that needs examining. Reality TV mimics what happens in some sizeable companies. Is it any wonder

Strategic Acquisitions Aren't Always Great for Investors

Dennis Miller | |

I never understood why Sears (SHLD) bought Kmart. Sears was a giant retailer, the dominant tenant in shopping malls throughout the US. Kmart was the spawn of S. S. Kresge’s dime stores.

The Fall and Rise of J.C. Penney (JCP)

Joel Anderson | |

Retail store J.C. Penney (JCP) is surging again, with the stock up almost 5% heading into afternoon trading after apparel company PVH (PVH) released a solid earnings report that crushed

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