Decentralization Drives Progress

Frank Holmes | |

The founding of the US is a case study in decentralization.

The Merits and Consequences of Unchecked Globalization

Frank Holmes | |

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “has put an end to the globalization we have experienced over the last three decades,” says Larry Fink.

The Biggest Threat to Your Money Isn't Inflation

Stephen McBride | |

Each of us thinks, “It’ll never happen to me.”

Food Prices Are the Ultimate Inflationary Fuel

Tradier | |

Critical agricultural commodity prices are near record highs.

Best Play in Commodities Right Now

Justin Spittler | |

Commodities are ripping higher. Here’s my top way to cash in.

Swap Lines Are Powerful Weapons for the Federal Reserve

Marin Katusa | |

Russia's attack on Ukraine in will lead to the first major implementation of the Fed's swap lines due to war.

Fed Chair Powell and Russia's Putin Hover Over Markets

Edward Kim | |

Prepare for more than just 25-basis-point hikes.

Ukraine's Leading Neon Suppliers Halt Production of Half of World's Semiconductor Grade Neon

Equities Staff | |

The halts come amid increasing Russian attacks on Ukrainian cities.

The Colder War Is Heating Up — and It's All About Energy

Marin Katusa | |

Tougher sanctions on Russian energy-related businesses loom.

Will the Stiffest Sanctions on Record Be Enough Against Russia?

Frank Holmes | |

How much economic pain is the world willing to bear as a result of the sanctions, when it’s likely uber-wealthy Putin will bear none of it?

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