Leave the Last Waves of the Summer for Someone Else…

Jordan Kimmel | |

Labor Day just passed, and that means Summer is almost over. Despite a little pullback amid some scary geo-political news, the S&P 500 is at an all-time high. There is even a drop of

The (Stock Market) Tide is Going Out…

Jordan Kimmel | |

When a stock, sector, or the market is acting bullish, it feels like you are at the beach and each wave represents a higher high and a higher low. When the tide is coming in, I like to add to

Fasten Your Safety Belt Investors, There's Turbulence Ahead

Jordan Kimmel | |

“The Captain has suggested you wear your safely belt…time to be cautious.” We have had a tremendous ride with the stock market for an extended period of time. Since the panic

Why Have Memory Chip Makers Surged?

Jacob Harper | |

While Tech as a whole has been an undeniably hot sector for investors over the past year, within tech there’s been one specific industry that has shown massive gains: memory chip makers. Six

Can Micron Technology Continue to Outperform?

Michael Teague | |

To kick off the last trimester of the year, last week took a look at 2013’s best and worst performing stocks on the Standard & Poor’s 500 index. Among the less

Equities Sector Coverage: Stocks Trade Higher Ahead of Thanksgiving Holiday

Sector Recap | |

Initial Jobless Claims came in at 410,000 still well above the 350,000 recessionary threshold. The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded up to 12,845.99 staying well below the 200-day simple moving

Equities Sector Coverage: Stocks Pare Losses After Late Push

Sector Recap | |

The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded down to 13,521.68 in morning trading then rebounded into the green with an afternoon high at 13,601.90 going into the last half hour of trading. The NASDAQ

Equities Sector Coverage: Wall Street Turning Bearish?

Sector Recap | |

The Dow Jones Industrial Average declined to a day’s low at 12,845.58 below its 50-day simple moving average at 13,012. The NASDAQ’s declined to a day’s low at 2946.04 below its 50-day

Equities Sector Coverage: Stocks Edge Slightly Higher After Rough Tumble

Sector Recap | |

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rebounded to 13,082.54 back above its 50-day simple moving average at 13,009. The NASDAQ’s rebounded to 3034.69 then declined to 3000.57 versus its 50-day simple

Analyst Sets $1,001 Price Target for Apple

Joel Anderson | |

Apple (AAPL) has enjoyed a pretty remarkable run over the last decade. Ever since Apple introduced the iPod in 2001, the company has seen shares jump over 5,000 percent. The company now exists in

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