Will 2016 Be Better for Mining Stocks?

The Gold Report | |

Most of the low-cost gold producers are fairly valued, says Michael Curran, managing director and mining analyst with Beacon Securities, so he's heading down-market to the advanced development

7 Safe Haven Gold Stocks to Avoid Global Volatility

The Gold Report | |

When is gold more than a commodity? When it is recognized as the last safe haven in a volatile world. In this interview with The Gold Report, Casey Research Senior Analyst Louis James warns that

Gold Isn't Rising Anytime Soon...So What Should Investors Do?

The Gold Report | |

Unlike many analysts, Joe Mazumdar of Canaccord Genuity does not expect a substantially higher gold price any time soon. So what are hard-pressed gold investors to do? In this interview with The

How Will We Know When Gold has Bottomed?

The Gold Report | |

Gold investors have been through a nuclear winter, but the future looks bright as mining companies bask in the glow of lower costs, better exchange rates and a flurry of mergers and acquisitions.

Patience is a Virtue, Especially for Junior Gold Investors

The Gold Report | |

Gold prices are down, but the prospects for fully funded development stories are up. In this interview with The Gold Report, Canaccord Genuity Analyst Joe Mazumdar shares the stories that are

Gold Stocks Will Lead the Rebound in Precious Metals

The Gold Report | |

Downward manipulation of gold and silver is real, declares Jason Hamlin, but the longer it continues, the higher prices will go when the free market reasserts itself. In this interview with The

Finding Natural Resource Stocks with Game-Changing Catalysts

The Mining Report | |

Renowned investor Peter Lynch once said, "The person who turns over the most rocks wins the game." All resource investors should be turning over rocks, but who has time to track hundreds

Is It Time to Bargain Hunt Mining Stocks Before Gold Bounces?

The Gold Report | |

Sometimes hindsight can lead to foresight. Casey Research's Louis James says now that the market seems in agreement that December was the bottom for gold, the value of these companies is

Precious Metals Stocks Thriving On The Downturn

Michael Teague | |

The sell-off that had taken a turn for the ugly at the end of last week was the ostensible result of fears about global economic growth, with the focal point of concern being the Chinese

Stocks Under $10: 15 Gold Mining Companies to Look At

Richard Suttmeier | |

At we show that the Basic Materials sector 7.0% undervalued with the Mining Gold industry 32.7% undervalued. All 15 stocks in today’s table have complete ValuEngine data and

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