​3 Global Gold Picks Amid U.S. Dollar Uncertainty

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Gold is holding over $1,256 and could move up quickly if the stock market retraces.

How Will Gold and Gold Stocks Change in 2015?

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For all the talk of gold sinking remorselessly to $1,000 an ounce, the metal has risen to $1,200 per ounce and has held its ground. Have we seen the bottom? Money managers Doug Loud and Jeff

Why Liquidity is a Gold Investor's Best Friend as Prices Stay Depressed

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Jay Taylor doesn't beat around the bush—he believes the price of gold is being suppressed to support the U.S. dollar and underwrite American foreign policy. But the publisher and editor

M&A Targets in Gold Juniors Make Tremendous Buying Opportunities

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Keith Phillips, a managing director and head of Cowen & Company's Mining Investment Banking Group, says strong companies with solid balance sheets are on the hunt for precious metals

Are You Prepared for a Bull Market that Will Shock Even the Most Ardent Goldbugs?

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Jay Taylor understands why investors in gold and gold equities are consumed with caution. But the publisher and editor of J. Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks and host of the radio show

Jeb Handwerger: China Isn't Slowing Down, It's Buying Up (Resources, That Is)

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Headlines about a Chinese economic slowdown may get good web traffic, but the real story is that China is buying up uranium and other resources around the world, says Gold Stock

Stocks Under $10: Non Ferrous and Silver Mining Companies

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At we show that the Basic Materials sector is 4.6% overvalued, with the Mining Non Ferrous industry 5.0% undervalued and the Mining Silver industry 8.2% overvalued. All nine of

Stocks Under $10: Non-Ferrous Mining & Silver Mining Stocks

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At we show that the Basic Materials sector is 4.3% undervalued with the Mining – Non-Ferrous industry 16.7% undervalued and the Mining – Silver industry 17.5%

Market Round-Up

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U.S. stocks closed higher on Thursday buoyed by technology companies releasing bright earnings and outlooks. The positive news helped distract investors from the European sovereign debt crisis.The

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