Prospects in China Are Dim, but Short-Term Opportunities Exist...

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Overvaluation in the east...

Financial Blogger Profile: John Hunter (Curious Cat)

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   ↵ At, we’ve always been focused on building an active community among the leading voices within the world of finance. As with many other fields, in finance,

Energy Stocks with Tenbagger Potential

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Chen Lin doesn't get attached to stocks, only to profits. The author of What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling? buys low, sells high, then tells his subscribers what he's doing and why.

Finding Opportunities in the Natural Gas Export Boom

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There's more than one way to invest in energy, and you don't have to choose between majors and juniors. Frank Curzio, editor of the Small Stock Specialist newsletter, tells us exactly why

Investors Tap the Breaks Ahead of the Bell as Stocks Slump Into the Weekend

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Results for Friday, March 21, 2014 Standard & Poor’s 500: -0.30 percent to 1,866.40 points Dow Jones Industrial Average: -0.17 percent to 16,302.70 points NASDAQ

PetroChina Moving Higher on 2013 Results, but Corruption Probe Lingers

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Shares for China’s state-run oil giant PetroChina Co. ($PTR) were trading higher in Friday’s session following the release of impressive fourth-quarter and full year earnings

Oil Majors Head Lower as Russia Moves to Secure Sevastopol Naval Base

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Commodities prices were soaring across the board in Monday trading, as markets went into panic mode following the Russian military’s invasion of the Crimean Peninsula in neighboring Ukraine

Major Integrated Oil & Gas: Standard Oil, Super-Majors, and Resource Nationalism

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Vertically integrated oil and gas companies, otherwise known as the “majors,” "big oil," or "super-majors," differ from the rest of the industry for the simple fact

Major-Integrated Oil Companies Caught In the Sell-Off

Michael Teague | |

The brutal sell-off that saw Wall Street in the dumps on Monday took its toll on major oil and gas companies, many of whom were already struggling under the yoke of shockingly disappointing

Wall Street Advances to 6th Consecutive Week of Gains

Michael Teague | |

Stocks ended substantially higher at the conclusion of Friday’s trading session as Wall Street notched a sixth consecutive week of gains and saw benchmark indices breaking through yet again

World Economic Forum at Davos 2019 - Joseph Weinberg CEO PayCase, Chairman Shyft

Matt Bird sits down with Joseph Weinberg CEO PayCase, Chairman Shyft at the World Economic Forum at Davos 2019


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