Commercial Traders Profit from Early Soybean Bid

Andy Waldock | |

Commercial traders tend to be right about market direction more often and in a more predictable way than the speculators.

‚ÄčInvesting in Lithium Mining and Electric Vehicles

MoneyShow | |

According to many forecasts, lithium demand should increase steadily for many years.

The Supply and Demand Dynamic for Potash and Phosphate Looks Promising for Juniors

The Energy Report | |

Ethan Park of Extract Capital could teach a college graduate-level course on the differences between phosphate and potash. Park's basic advice to The Energy Report: Don't miss out on

There's A Lot for Investors to Like in Fertilizer Stocks

The Mining Report | |

As the world grows ever larger, its people demand more and better food. This trend will continue to benefit investors in fertilizer companies, declares John Chu of AltaCorp Capital Inc. In this

Finding Natural Resource Stocks with Game-Changing Catalysts

The Mining Report | |

Renowned investor Peter Lynch once said, "The person who turns over the most rocks wins the game." All resource investors should be turning over rocks, but who has time to track hundreds

A Primer on Fertilizers

Chris Berry | |

Editor's Note: This is the second installment of a two-part series. Be sure to read Part I: The Underappreciated Significance of Food Security The potash and phosphate markets are dominated by

Mark Lackey: What Happens to a Mine Deferred?

The Mining Report | |

The shuttering of huge copper and iron ore projects gives the Street the blues, but the resulting squeeze in supply can lead to explosive price hikes. Meanwhile, Mark Lackey, executive vice

Will OAO Uralkali Remain the King of Potash?

Michael Teague | |

Since the beginning of August, OAO Uralkali, the world’s largest producer of the potassium-based fertilizer known as potash, has been a consistent news item in global commodities markets as

Agrium's Earnings Preview Speaks of Turmoil in Global Potash

Michael Teague | |

Agrium Inc. (AGU) , the third-largest producer of fertilizer on the North American continent with a market cap of $12.8 billion, gave a somber preview of its upcoming third-quarter income

Russia-Belarus Uralkali Conflict Sends US Potash Stocks Higher

Michael Teague | |

To begin the week of trading, potash companies were doing well on Monday morning, largely in reaction to the news that the Russian billionaire investor Suleiman Kerimov was considering selling his

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