Personal Finance

House GOP Launches Push for Permanent Individual Tax Cuts

Associated Press | |

The push before the midterm elections is portrayed as championing the middle class and small businesses.

Attracting Top Talent In Finance With These 4 Strategies

Tommy Wyher | |

Attracting top talent is not easy, but here's how to make it less challenging.

Ten Reasons This Is My Strongest REIT “Strong Buy”

Brad Thomas | |

Tanger Outlets is my strongest buy conviction and here's why.

7 Ways to Get More Done So You Can Take Time Off

Calendar | |

Surely there’s an easier way to take a vacation or just take a break for a few days. Below are several ways to get more done so you can take time off when you need to.

6 Ways to Be Engaged on LinkedIn and Not Just Active | |

It’s possible to be active on LinkedIn, while not being engaged.

5 Strategies to Increase Your Savings

Due | |

Your personal finances are too important to ignore, and savings are a cornerstone to financial stability. Make it automatic so you’ll be on track for financial stability for years to come.

How Does Your Stock Allocation Compare to Your Peers?

Benjamin | |

How much of your assets should be in stocks?

Save $1,000 a Year. Retire with Millions.

Paul Merriman | |

By saving less than $100 a month, adjusting the savings for inflation, and investing well, a young person can retire with millions.

8 Bad Habits that Negatively Affect Productivity

Calendar | |

When it comes to productivity, there are a lot of things that affect it. For one thing, your time management skills affect how productive you are.

Pay down Debt or Save Money? How to Allocate Your Cash

Associated Press | |

Americans have a cozy relationship with debt — student loans, credit cards and car loans are commonplace.

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