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​The Top 20 Small Towns Millionaires Call Home

Harry Dent | |

Millionaires are only 4% of households in the U.S. with an overall median income of $59,039.

5 Ways Facebook Can Help Prep For a Job Interview

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The site can help you identify company employees, company reviews and even public posts.

​It’s Not Supply & Demand Inflating This Bubble

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What’s driving this bubble is totally different than what drove the last one.

Bad Boss? 6 Signs To Look For During the Interview

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Bad bosses can make your work life miserable.

​The Write Time Is Now: 4 Ways to Overcome Your Writing Obstacles

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From writer’s block, to time management skills, to battling personal demons, writing is thwarted in a myriad of ways.

​The 20 Cities Most at Risk in Real Estate

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Guess where the greatest real estate gains have been since the Great Recession and the massive QE surge?

Why Stress Management and Time Management Go Hand in Hand

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Stress management and time management go hand in hand. So, improve your time management and you will lower your stress levels.

How Millennials Can Really Fix Their Budgets in 2018

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Read on to learn more about Millennial budgeting and where all generations can make changes to improve their financial position.

Staying Healthy at the Office

Maggie Kimberl | |

As we become an increasingly sedentary society, being mindful of staying healthy during the work day is more important than ever.

4 Ways You’re Wasting Valuable Time at Work

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If you want to keep more of your time, make sure you avoid the four time waster above. It could make all the difference in your productivity!