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No More Realtors… These Startups Will Buy Your House in Under 20 Days

Stephen McBride | |

The first crop of online real estate firms gave us access to information. But next-phase companies will actually buy your home.

Accredited Investor Verification and Why It Matters

Jor Law, Jenny Liang & Gareth Schumacher | |

How accredited investor verification works, and how it may benefit investors and issuers.

The Disconnect Between Millennials and Real Estate

Rodney Johnson | |

Millennials' priorities are different from mine, and I see this manifesting in real estate.

The Easiest Way to Maximize Your Dividends

Robert Ross | |

There are plenty of good reasons to sell an underperforming stock. But panic selling a “keeper” is one of the death knells of investing.

Investment Management vs. Wealth Management: Which Is Right for You?

Sara Gelsheimer | |

The SEC's recently adopted Regulation Best Interest, intended to require brokers to act in their clients' best interest, seems to have deepened confusion about the differences between brokers and advisors.

Why Back to School Season Should Scare You

Rodney Johnson | |

This time of year reminds us all about the rising costs of education.

WeWork Is the Most Ridiculous IPO of 2019

David Trainer | |

WeWork might not be the largest IPO of 2019, but it is easily the most ridiculous, and the most dangerous.

Why The Sharing Economy Is So Strong

Maggie Kimberl | |

How is the sharing economy helping everyone achieve The American Dream?

So, You Want To Be a Successful Writer

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

Don't just retweet your life away. Get involved. Learn. Meet new people.

How to Play Interest Rates in Real Estate

Rodney Johnson | |

If you can finance – or refinance – a home at less than 4%, then it’s definitely a good idea.

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