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​5 REITs That Should Boost Dividends

Brad Thomas | |

It’s possible to get rich when you own REITs that have growing dividends. Dividend growth and price appreciation are correlated.

Liz Weston: Smart Ways to Rein In Holiday Spending

Associated Press | |

The holidays are a huge deal in the Weston household — and every year, the expenses threatened to gallop out of control. Keeping the holiday joyous and less stressful means keeping a firm rein on our spending.

Rosso: 4 Simple Steps to Save Money

Lance Roberts | |

​Nobody ever said that saving money is easy.

Five Future-Proof Jobs for the Era of Automation, the Cloud and AI

Guardian Web | |

The world of work is changing. Machine learning, the internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing are altering how society views employment and the tasks that are currently performed by humans.

4 Tips and Resources to Help Boost Investment IQ for Novice Investors

Howard Goldstein | |

Investment decisions driven by euphoria have seen novice investors lose tons of cash on various investment instruments, a trend that’s become especially popular with cryptocurrencies.

Opportunity Funds + Real Estate: A Match Made in Heaven


EquityMultiple's perspective on Opportunity Funds and Opportunity Zones - a potential seachange in real estate equity investing.

How Social Media Is Transforming Business

Melissa Burns | |

The way businesses interact with their customers today is fundamentally different than it was in pre-social media era – and if you want to succeed you should understand what exactly it entails.

​The Write Time Is Now: 4 Ways to Overcome Your Writing Obstacles

Desireé Duffy | |

From writer’s block, to time management skills, to battling personal demons, writing is thwarted in a myriad of ways.

​10 Signs You Are an Entrepreneur

Gary C. Bizzo | |

Anyone can be an entrepreneur. Sometimes it’s born out of need, sometime it is opportunistic or maybe it’s the only option.

Key House Democrat Promises Hearings on GOP Tax Package

Associated Press | |

U.S. Rep. Richard Neal said he'd consider President Trump's proposal for a middle-income tax cut, but only if there are adjustments on tax rates for top income earners.