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Generation Rent: How Millennials Fuel the Rental Economy

Visual Capitalist | |

Does the consumer goods rental economy threaten retailers?

Bank Of America Says 60-40 Portfolios Are Dead. They’re Right. | |

The conventional wisdom of investing 60% of your portfolio in stocks and 40% in bonds is no longer so wise.

A Look at Peak Debt

Harry Dent | |

While consumers drove the last housing bubble, rising corporate debt is the greatest current global financial threat.

Fake Numbers Fueling the Wage War on Wealth

Rodney Johnson | |

Don't be fooled by the lies, damned lies and statistics.

Trump's Tax Cut Was a Bust

Harry Dent | |

The tax cuts did nothing to spur new productive capacity.

The Biggest Housing Boom in History Has Just Begun

Stephen McBride | |

A tidal wave of homebuyers are about to flood the market…

​How to Combat the ‘More Money, More Problems’ Trap

David Geller | |

We live in a culture that teaches us that having more money is always better — no matter how much money you already have. The truth is not that simple.

College To Career: Are You Ready?

Maggie Kimberl | |

It's easy to forget that after college comes the hard part.

Social Security Is Screwing Millennials

John Mauldin | |

Social Security is a textbook illustration of how government programs go off the rails.

October May Be a Cursed Month for Stocks: Should Investors Be Worried??

Desireé Duffy | |

Is October Going to Bring the Stock Market Crash We’ve Been Fearing? October is known for its affiliation with some strikingly negative economic events.

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