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Harry S. Dent, Jr.: Winter is Coming

Harry Dent | |

Economic researcher and renowned market prognosticator Harry S. Dent, Jr. is no stranger to bold predictions. He is the best-selling author of such books as The Roaring 2000s, The Great Depression

The Housing Market: Have Prices Finally Bottomed Out?

Joel Anderson | |

There is an old Chinese curse that says "May you live in interesting times." For those people owning homes over the last five years, that proverb should make more than enough sense. The tragic and

The Best Quotes of Benjamin Graham

Joel Anderson | |

Few people loom as large in the history of investing as Benjamin Graham. Graham is known as the Godfather of modern investing, and his books Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor are

Bob Dylan’s Take on Asset Allocation

Tim Fortier | |

Come gather round [investors] wherever you roam And admit that the waters around you have grown And accept it that soon you'll be drenched to the bone If your [money] to you is worth

Top 10 Highest Paying College Majors

Brittney Barrett | |

College degrees are exorbitant, but they don’t always have the payoff that some people expect. For those undergraduates who want to go to college but also not without the assurance that they

Investing in a Renter's Market

Brittney Barrett | |

As the ongoing decline of sales of U.S. homes and the weak housing market in general indicate, Americans are becoming less interested and less able to purchase homes. With a rise in living

Three of the World's Most Financially Savvy Athletes

Joel Anderson | |

More often than not, when you think of athletes and how they manage their money it's not a pretty picture. Denny McLain and Lenny Dykstra both ended up in legal hot water for their business

How to Play Rising Car Sales

Brittney Barrett | |

Trudging back in a recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, American automakers posted their most impressive sales in three years yesterday. Earnings are beginning to return as Americans demand

2 Closed-End Funds for Retirement

Brittney Barrett | |

Investors approaching retirement have been victimized by several financial game changers including, but not limited to the Federal Reserve’s decision to drive down interest rates. A broad exit

10 Ways to Save in 2012

Brittney Barrett | |

The combination of the rising cost of goods and stagnant pay wages have begun attacking American paychecks on both ends. Many U.S. consumers are still on autopilot when it comes to their spending

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