Personal Finance

​The Looming Cost of Ignoring the Changing Workforce

Michael Burdick | |

As comfortable as private equity firms might be with the modern flexible employment ecosystem, most have not yet fully embraced the gig economy.

Warning! Learning These Negotiation Skills Can Lead to Early Retirement

Lilou Hoffman | |

An early retirement package: it’s what most long-term employees strive for in the final years of their career. Here are several tactics which are essential to the retirement negotiation process.

Step By Step Guide To Make Side Income And Grow Your Investing Wealth

Jeremy Biberdorf | |

There is the process to start making money on the side to grow your investments. Too many people jump in head first and fail miserably. Here's why.

The Best Places for Residential Real Estate Investments in 2019

Daniela Andreevska | |

Figure out the best locations to invest in traditional as well as vacation rentals in the US housing market for high return.

How to Be a Better Manager of Yourself

Calendar | |

When you are trying to manage a team it may be a little easier than finding a great management style -- to be able to better manager of yourself.

4 Ways to Financially Survive the Holidays

Jacob Lunduski | |

Four tips to make sure you're safely and smartly finishing your holiday shopping and not entering debt.

Paying and Deducting Business Property Taxes: What You Need to Know

Jacob Maslow | |

Many new business owners overlook the fact that they have to pay property taxes and may not take them into account when creating their budgets, which can create a cash flow issue. Here’s what you need to know about business property tax.

High Risk Businesses or Risky Lenders?

Jacob Maslow | |

​With arguments coming from both sides of the table it’s hard to determine who poses more risk, the MCA (merchant cash advance) companies or the small businesses that use them.

Do You Need to Robot-Proof Your Career?

Maggie Kimberl | |

Automation may be coming for your job. Prepare to switch tracks.

Lessen Your Capital Gains Tax Anxiety: Step 1, Understand the Common Forms to File

Allyson Brooks | |

Even if you don't do your capital gains taxes yourself, you should know a bit about what forms you need and what you need to file.