Beware of Hidden Taxes in Retirement

Associated Press | |

Your taxes in retirement may be a lot more complicated than taxes while you're working.

4 Signs You Have a Great Tax Accountant

Due | |

​Tax season is over (finally) and you’ve had time to recover. If you use a tax accountant, like I do, there’s a good chance you’re wondering if you got good value for what you spent.

Entrepreneurs May Be Heading To Florida For Better Tax Breaks

Due | |

For entrepreneurs who don’t mind the hot sun, Florida might become a sanctuary for taxes. We’ll see what happens in the next few years.

High Taxes Don’t Make Rich People Move

Patrick Watson | |

This obvious “fact”—high taxes drive out wealthy people—really isn’t so iron-clad, once you look closer.

Get on Top of Your Finances by Looking Ahead

Due | |

Living in the present is good, but when it comes to finances, living with an eye to the future is better.

The “Tax Cut Act” Has Increased Taxes for the Rich

John Mauldin | |

Changes in the recent tax bill will make the system even more progressive starting this year.

You’ll Be Shocked to See the Deductions You’ve Lost Under the New Tax Bill

John Mauldin | |

There are literally scores of smaller deductions that were previously able to be itemized that will not be available in 2018, or 2019 at the latest.

3 Easy Investing Tips to Lower Your Taxable Income

Modest Money | |

Being aware of taxable income when it pertains to investments is crucial to successfully building wealth.

A Corporation’s Guide to Tax Season 2018

Andrew Deen | |

One of the biggest changes in legislation during 2017 was the overhaul of corporate taxes. What does that mean for businesses?

John Oliver on America's Corporate Tax Reform: 'We Absolutely Blew It'

Guardian Web | |

John Oliver took aim Donald Trump’s recent tax reforms and how corporate tax rates for remain far too low for major US companies.

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