How Taxpayers Can Deal with New State, Local Deduction Caps

Associated Press | |

If you paid a lot of state and local taxes in 2018, buckle up this tax season — new laws cap how much of those payments you can deduct on your federal tax return.

Lessen Your Capital Gains Tax Anxiety: Step 1, Understand the Common Forms to File

Allyson Brooks | |

Even if you don't do your capital gains taxes yourself, you should know a bit about what forms you need and what you need to file.

You Can Now Pay Taxes Using Crypto. What Does This Mean For The Industry?

Kiana Danial | |

Ohio becomes first US state to allow taxpayers pay taxes using crypto.

Do These 5 Things by Dec. 31 to Cut Your Tax Bill

Associated Press | |

It may seem too early to start thinking about your tax return, but procrastination could cost you thousands of dollars.

The End of the Tax Cut Boost

Lance Roberts | |

While the mainstream media, and the Administration, initially rushed to claim that tax cuts would lead to surging economic growth, wages, and employment, such has yet to be the case.

Key House Democrat Promises Hearings on GOP Tax Package

Associated Press | |

U.S. Rep. Richard Neal said he'd consider President Trump's proposal for a middle-income tax cut, but only if there are adjustments on tax rates for top income earners.

15 Ways to Make More Money in Your 401(K)

Paul Merriman | |

For many people, a 401(k) retirement plan is the biggest source of retirement savings. Unfortunately, most people don’t use their retirement funds to the best advantage.

Why Donating Stock to Charity Beats Giving Cash | |

Making charitable gifts in cash is a natural instinct for many people. But cash gifts aren’t the only option. And, for the reasons listed above, they may not even be the best option.

Government Proposes Tax Rules for Investors in 'Opportunity Zones'

Associated Press | |

The Trump administration is proposing rules for investors in a new program that it says could have a big impact on economically depressed areas around the country.

Weekend Reading: Tax Cuts Saved The Economy?

Lance Roberts | |

Throughout history, negative growth rates in Federal receipts have been associated with recessionary periods in the economy rather than expansions.

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