Capital Gains Tax – Changing Rules on UK Property Sales

Dawn Richard | |

It can come as a shock when owners are told that capital gains tax will have to be paid on a sale.

The Impact of the 2018 Tax Act on Personal Finances | |

A year after the historic tax cuts made by the Trump administration, the results are somewhat unclear.

Amazon: Income Inequality Worsens

Lidia Staron | |

The company paid zero federal tax on over $11 billion in profit... and it will do so in the future.

​ Do You Really Need A Tax Attorney?

Desireé Duffy | |

Taxes can get very complicated and beyond even the best accountant’s expertise.Time to bring in the big guns, the tax attorney.

Lower Refunds Trending This Tax Season

Richard Parker | |

A discussion with Glenn Sandler, CPA, Founder of G.I. Tax Service

The Problem With Amazon’s Tax Bill

Harry Dent | |

Yet again, Amazon will pay ZERO taxes to the IRS for 2018

​There Goes Tesla’s Tax Break

Rodney Johnson | |

Because Tesla reached the milestone of selling 200,000 electric vehicles in 2018, the tax credit associated with buying a Tesla was cut in half on Jan. 1, and will be gone in early 2020.

It's Not Too Late to Save Money on 2018 Business Taxes

Associated Press | |

Small business owners who are uneasy about their 2018 taxes might find they can save some money even though the year is over.

Business Administration: Getting Your Finances in Order

Tommy Wyher | |

Getting your finances in order might not be as easy as you think.

Liz Weston: It's Time to Fix Social Security's Tax Burden

Associated Press | |

Initially, only 1 in 10 Social Security recipients had to pay any federal tax. Now, it's over half.

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