Government Proposes Tax Rules for Investors in 'Opportunity Zones'

Government Proposes Tax Rules for Investors in 'Opportunity Zones'

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The Trump administration is proposing rules for investors in a new program that it says could have a big impact on economically depressed areas around the country.

Weekend Reading: Tax Cuts Saved The Economy?

Lance Roberts | |

Throughout history, negative growth rates in Federal receipts have been associated with recessionary periods in the economy rather than expansions.

What Happens If You Win Mega Millions' $900m Jackpot?

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Despite the terrible odds — one in 302.5 million for those keeping score at home — someone will eventually match all six numbers and win the Mega Millions jackpot.

House Passes GOP Bill to Make New Tax Cuts Permanent

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Friday's vote was 22-191 in the Republican-led House to approve the legislation.

15 Ways to Make More Money in Your 401(K)

Paul Merriman | |

For many people, a 401(k) retirement plan is the biggest source of retirement savings. Unfortunately, most people don’t use their retirement funds to the best advantage.

IRS Proposes Rules to Govern New Small Business Deduction

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Some of the new details include how to handle a spouse's income, whether side businesses qualify, and the rules for losses in one or more businesses.

Understanding Cryptocurrency Tax Obligations

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In anticipation of the next crypto uptick, many investors are focusing on understanding cryptocurrency tax obligations for 2019.

Trump Administration Considering Tax Break on Capital Gains

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Reports say the administration is considering bypassing Congress to put the change into effect, although such a move would almost certainly trigger court challenges.

​Looking at the Amazon Tax

Rodney Johnson | |

Most consumers don’t realize that sales tax is not the responsibility of stores, it is the responsibility of consumers.

House GOP Launches Push for Permanent Individual Tax Cuts

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The push before the midterm elections is portrayed as championing the middle class and small businesses.