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6 Books That Every Business Woman Should Read

6 Books That Every Business Woman Should Read

Julia Novakovich | |

Keeping an active and exciting reading list going may be even more important for women. Here are 6 books that every business women should read.

​Cryptocurrency and Real Estate Join Forces

John Livesay | |

Do you embrace disruption or ignore it?

Resume Rules for 2018

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

New Year, new you.

8 Types of Clients to Avoid at All Costs

Visual Capitalist | |

​Everyone needs to work for somebody.

​Company Values Can Drive Profits

Gary C. Bizzo | |

Values are the essence of the company’s identity and summarize the purpose of their existence.

New Year, New Goals: 4 Tips to Stay Financially Fit with Credit Cards

Jacob Lunduski | |

It’s that time where everyone is making resolutions, and financial fitness should certainly be on the list.

Why Today Is the Worst Time to Become an Investor—and What to Do About It

Jared Dillian | |

Stocks and bonds are overvalued, and most people are constrained to investing in stocks and bonds.

The Challenges of Starting a Woman-Centric Company

Julia Novakovich | |

Women face many challenges in the workplace and even more distilled when women move to start their own businesses.

Here’s Why Trump’s Tax Plan Might Be Counterproductive

John Mauldin | |

If the Republican tax bill isn’t what you wanted, join the club

​Top Picks 2018: MGM Growth Properties

MoneyShow | |

MGP’s rental income is now projected to be $757 million in 2018, up 38% from the amount at the time of the IPO.

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The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference

Is It Too Late To Get Involved in Crypto?Not at all. Even if you didn't mine 10,000 bitcoins using your old PC in 2012, bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins and blockchain technology…

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