Investing for Retirement – Getting the Right Advice

Investing for Retirement – Getting the Right Advice

Jeremy Biberdorf | |

What have you got planned for when you retire from your career? This is an important question to answer, especially when it comes to finances. It may seem like retirement is a way off yet, but the time goes faster than you might think, and you need to figu

Millennial Money: Quick Ways to Boost Your Savings in 2019

Associated Press | |

Those big resolutions are sexy. They sound impressive when you tell friends. They're also unlikely to last past Groundhog Day.

REITs Field Journal: 5 Powerful REITs for Retirement

Brad Thomas | |

In retirement - or anytime - crafting a worthy portfolio of stellar REITs requires selecting from the most high-quality, steadfast companies.

Will Technology Save Baby Boomers?

Patrick Watson | |

The choices some Boomers made decades ago may have seemed sensible at the time. But as you’ll see, they also have other side effects.

You Will Probably Live Longer Than You Thought—But Can You Afford To?

John Mauldin | |

If the projections are right, then in 2050 some 22.3% of the US population will be over 65 and 8.3% will be over 80. Both would be huge increases since 2000…

Liz Weston: It's Time to Fix Social Security's Tax Burden

Associated Press | |

Initially, only 1 in 10 Social Security recipients had to pay any federal tax. Now, it's over half.

Biggest Retirement Threats for Women

Julia Novakovich | |

While women do face unique challenges as they move towards retirement, these challenges can be mitigated with some planning.

The Festering Social Rift Over Pensions

Adam Taggart | |

Why does he get to retire and I don't?

Taking Advantage of All Available Retirement Funding Schemes

Jacob Maslow | |

For most Americans, the amount they are eligible to receive from Social Security is far lower than what is actually necessary to sustain their everyday lives and finances.

Is the Market Downturn a Good Reason to Convert to a Roth IRA?

Jeremy Biberdorf | |

Many investors have seen the value of their investments flounder in the chaos. However, there may be one bright star on the horizon.

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