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5 Bionic REITs for the Next 10 Years

Brad Thomas | |

For REIT investos searching for a bionic portfolio that can stand the test of time, here are five names to consider.

​Look Out, Middle Class

Harry Dent | |

A painful housing correction is due to hit.

​America’s Suburbs Are Making a Comeback

Harry Dent | |

There are starting to be clear signs of extremes in pricing, and high rent burdens.

Your House Isn't a Piggy Bank

Associated Press | |

Your home equity could keep you afloat in retirement or bail you out in an emergency — but not if you spend it first.

5 REIT Reasons to Buy These 5 Blue-Chip REITs

Brad Thomas | |

These are five of the best blue-chips from the stress-free REIT category called SWANs - which stands for “sleep well at night.”

​The Most Desirable Cities in America

Harry Dent | |

These are the places you want to buy in the long-term when the crash finally sets in, and some great deals could come in the first few years of it.

5 Big Reasons to Own These 5 Small-Cap REITs

Brad Thomas | |

Good things come in small packages – REIT investing is no exception.

The Death of the Real Estate Dream, Part 2

Harry Dent | |

Since 2007 ownership has dropped by 3.6 million and renters have gone up by 1.9 million.

​The Death of the Real Estate Dream, Part 1

Harry Dent | |

It’s no secret that Millennials are not buying homes as early or to the degree that Boomers did.

Ten Reasons This Is My Strongest REIT “Strong Buy”

Brad Thomas | |

Tanger Outlets is my strongest buy conviction and here's why.

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