Real Estate

​REITs Field Journal: Capture These 5 Blue Chip REITs!

Brad Thomas | |

Instead of hunting for turkey for Thanksgiving, dividend investors may want to target these REITs.

This Sell-Off Revealed an Industry That Every Investor Concerned About a Recession Should Buy

Robert Ross | |

​Last month was a bloodbath for stocks.

How Modern FinTech Disrupts the Real Estate Industry | |

How Fintech disrupts the real estate industry. It helps people bet small on real estate. It simplifies construction contracts and even helps you sell your property.

How the Real Estate Industry Can Empower Women

Julia Novakovich | |

While there are many different businesses options that women can use to create income and find a significant sense of empowerment, real estate may be one of the best.

​5 REITs That Should Boost Dividends

Brad Thomas | |

It’s possible to get rich when you own REITs that have growing dividends. Dividend growth and price appreciation are correlated.

Opportunity Funds + Real Estate: A Match Made in Heaven


EquityMultiple's perspective on Opportunity Funds and Opportunity Zones - a potential seachange in real estate equity investing.

Why You Should Remortgage to Save Money

Faizan Raza | |

Looking for a mortgage rate that is cheaper? Start your search at least three to four months before the end of your rates.

​Real Estate Moving to the Blockchain

John Livesay | |

Real Estate on the blockchain

​The Future of Security Tokens

John Livesay | |

The Future of Security Tokens

Mortgage Loan Applications: How the Economy Impacts You

Renisa Barnwell | |

Interest rates impact the mortgage affordability over a specific payment period. While borrowers ideally want the lowest interest rate possible, mortgage lenders need to factor in the risks.

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