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I've Inherited $80,000, Should I Pay Off my Mortgage or Invest?

Jeremy Biberdorf | |

This is a common dilemma for people who have many years of mortgage payments looming ahead of them and suddenly find themselves in the position to pay off the debt in full.

4 Home Modifications that Increase Market Value

Alex Hamilton | |

Here are four projects with a great return on investment.

Home Repair Hacks Any Women Should Know

Julia Novakovich | |

There’s no reason to be intimidated by small projects around the house. These, and hundreds of others, can be accomplished with simple tools and a little understanding.

​Rising Home Prices and Falling Sales

Harry Dent | |

Buying real estate because its value “always goes up” is possibly even more dangerous than buying gold as a hedge during a deflationary season.

The 6 Major Commercial Property Market Trends of 2018

Carl Cotton | |

The first half of 2018 has bucked the downward trend of US commercial property markets, although deal volume is not expected to sustain the 4% rise the market saw in the first half of the year.

​REITs Field Journal: Don’t Overlook These 5 Small Cap REITs

Brad Thomas | |

Small is beautiful. Here are a few BIG small-cap REIT ideas.

The Best Places for Residential Real Estate Investments in 2019

Daniela Andreevska | |

Figure out the best locations to invest in traditional as well as vacation rentals in the US housing market for high return.

Paying and Deducting Business Property Taxes: What You Need to Know

Alex Hamilton | |

Many new business owners overlook the fact that they have to pay property taxes and may not take them into account when creating their budgets, which can create a cash flow issue. Here’s what you need to know about business property tax.

​A Look at the Dow Construction Index

Harry Dent | |

The Home Construction Index peaked in late January. Since then, it’s fallen 36% into late October.

Why Non-Bank Lenders Dominate the Mortgage Market

Richard Parker | |

A mortgage is a significant financial commitment. That's why determining the priorities is essential.

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