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The 6 Major Commercial Property Market Trends of 2018

The 6 Major Commercial Property Market Trends of 2018

Carl Cotton | |

The first half of 2018 has bucked the downward trend of US commercial property markets, although deal volume is not expected to sustain the 4% rise the market saw in the first half of the year.

​REITs Field Journal: Don’t Overlook These 5 Small Cap REITs

Brad Thomas | |

Small is beautiful. Here are a few BIG small-cap REIT ideas.

The Best Places for Residential Real Estate Investments in 2019

Daniela Andreevska | |

Figure out the best locations to invest in traditional as well as vacation rentals in the US housing market for high return.

Paying and Deducting Business Property Taxes: What You Need to Know

Jacob Maslow | |

Many new business owners overlook the fact that they have to pay property taxes and may not take them into account when creating their budgets, which can create a cash flow issue. Here’s what you need to know about business property tax.

​A Look at the Dow Construction Index

Harry Dent | |

The Home Construction Index peaked in late January. Since then, it’s fallen 36% into late October.

Why Non-Bank Lenders Dominate the Mortgage Market

Richard Parker | |

A mortgage is a significant financial commitment. That's why determining the priorities is essential.

​REITs Field Journal: Capture These 5 Blue Chip REITs!

Brad Thomas | |

Instead of hunting for turkey for Thanksgiving, dividend investors may want to target these REITs.

This Sell-Off Revealed an Industry That Every Investor Concerned About a Recession Should Buy

Robert Ross | |

​Last month was a bloodbath for stocks.

How Modern FinTech Disrupts the Real Estate Industry | |

How Fintech disrupts the real estate industry. It helps people bet small on real estate. It simplifies construction contracts and even helps you sell your property.

How the Real Estate Industry Can Empower Women

Julia Novakovich | |

While there are many different businesses options that women can use to create income and find a significant sense of empowerment, real estate may be one of the best.