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This One Chart Shows Why Real Estate Won’t Crash Anytime Soon

This One Chart Shows Why Real Estate Won’t Crash Anytime Soon

Stephen McBride | |

US homes are still very affordable, well above the 50-year average.

​Dre Builds Boston: An Interview with Dre McCray on Developing the Growing Boston Area

Steve Kanaval | |

In January, we featured an article on Dre McCray and the upcoming launch of the Re/Dev Fund 1, and this month we asked him some pertinent questions about the Fund.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities Abound in Abruzzo, Italy

Jacob Maslow | |

Abruzzo Italy is teaming with opportunities for real estate investors of every type. See for yourself what this beautiful region has to offer.

How to Invest in Real Estate, Regardless of Credit History

Avery-Taylor Phillips | |

After the housing market crashed in 2008, new rules and regulations were created to make the market more secure and to fill the gaps in the system.

Charles Munger: Investing In Shares Is Much Easier Than Investing In Real Estate, Here’s Why

The Acquirer’s Multiple® | |

Do you agree or disagree with Munger's take?

​Are Changing Prices to San Francisco Starter Homes Enough?

Harry Dent | |

Bubbles ultimately die of their own extremes, although it always helps to have a trigger.

REITs Field Journal: 5 Powerful REITs for Retirement

Brad Thomas | |

In retirement - or anytime - crafting a worthy portfolio of stellar REITs requires selecting from the most high-quality, steadfast companies.

Infographic: The Anatomy of a Smart City

Visual Capitalist | |

There is no doubt that the city will be the defining feature of human geography for the 21st century.

REITs 101: Easy as ABC - An Investor’s Starter Guide

Brad Thomas | |

As I sat, calculating the 2018 results for my REIT newsletter’s several portfolios, I was reminded of the importance of “the basics”… especially with such a recent, rollicking stock market.

Economists: Buyers Face Tougher Housing Market in 2019

Associated Press | |

Americans' path to homeownership is likely to get more expensive this year, even as a severe shortage of homes for sale shows signs of easing.

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