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​The Rise of the Hybrid Alternative Investment: Real Estate Syndications Are Benefiting

​The Rise of the Hybrid Alternative Investment: Real Estate Syndications Are Benefiting

Desireé Duffy | |

Accredited investors with investable assets of at least $3 million, allocate a higher percentage of their assets toward alternative assets the more wealth they amass.

​The Top 20 Small Towns Millionaires Call Home

Harry Dent | |

Millionaires are only 4% of households in the U.S. with an overall median income of $59,039.

​It’s Not Supply & Demand Inflating This Bubble

Harry Dent | |

What’s driving this bubble is totally different than what drove the last one.

​The 20 Cities Most at Risk in Real Estate

Harry Dent | |

Guess where the greatest real estate gains have been since the Great Recession and the massive QE surge?

Bitcoin Helping Shape L.A.'s Real Estate Industry

Jacob Maslow | |

Cryptocurrencies are factoring into the rising cost of real estate.

​Triggers to Set off the Next Real Estate Collapse

Harry Dent | |

Analysts’ views of the U.S. housing market have shifted to the downside.

How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Real Estate

Maggie Kimberl | |

Almost half of investment institutions have yet to form an opinion about cryptocurrency.

​REITs for Reliable Income, Even If Rates Rise

MoneyShow | |

Once the inflation juggernaut gets moving, REITs usually become excellent sources of reliable income.

6 Home Loan Tips For Single Women Home Buyers

Julia Novakovich | |

Women often struggle to get a fair deal when it comes to buying a home for the first time. Here are 6 home loan tips for first-time women home buyers.

How Mortgage Debt Doesn't Have to Be The New Prison

John Livesay | |

There are two kinds of debt—good debt and bad debt.

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