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How to Play Interest Rates in Real Estate

How to Play Interest Rates in Real Estate

Rodney Johnson | |

If you can finance – or refinance – a home at less than 4%, then it’s definitely a good idea.

​Is Now the Right Time to Invest in Property?

Lucy Wyndham | |

If you are worried about a 2008 style recession that causes rapid decline in property prices, well, don’t be.

Mapped: The Countries With the Highest Housing Bubble Risks

Visual Capitalist | |

What happens when things get a little too frothy, and the fundamentals begin to slip away?

The Best “Pick-and-Shovel” Play for the Online Grocery Boom

Justin Spittler | |

There’s a second real estate transformation happening now… thanks to the boom in online grocery shopping.

Interview: Alexander Aginsky, CEO of BuildingBITs

Traders Network Show | |

BuildingBITs enables nonaccredited investors to buy shares in companies that own commercial properties.

Today’s Real Estate Trends Will Help You Predict Tomorrow’s Real Estate Market

Desireé Duffy | |

What’s in store for the Real Estate market in 2019? Rising interest rates and the slow growth of home prices have many people nervous. You may even feel paralyzed to act.

​The Powerful Tax Benefits of Private Real Estate Investing: Highly Compensated Individuals, A Case Study for RIAs

MLG Capital | |

Sophisticated tax planning is not a “DIY” activity: like the other aspects of your wealth preservation plan, you should leverage your personal CPAs to help you build a tax-efficient strategy aligned with your objectives.

How to Make Money on Your House

Rodney Johnson | |

Knowing where you stand in this bifurcated real estate market can help you determine your options down the road.

Dangers in the Real Estate Market

Harry Dent | |

We are witnessing growing signs of “mortgage stress” in the real estate market.

​Fund Platforms Provide New Access to the World of Private Real Estate Investing

MLG Capital | |

Fund offerings can eliminate unrelated business taxable income (UBTI) and multi-state filings.


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