Investing Basics

​Could the Average Investor Really Outperform Donald Trump?

Henry Truc | |

Is Trump overrated as a businessman and investor? Let's find out.

​Stockpile Makes Investing as Easy as a Trip to the Store

Henry Truc | |

While only 14% of Americans have owned stock, 92% of Americans have purchased or redeemed gift cards.

Market Leans on Retail + Housing Starts as Bounce Continues

Lou Brien | |

US stock futures are up about three quarters of a percent. Chain store sales showed an increase + Johnson Redbook report is due out at 7:55am January Housing Starts due out at 7:30am CST.

Reasons Why Investors Need to Consider Small Cap Stocks

Investing Basics | |

For the more aggressive investors, small-cap stocks are a great option.

​What’s the Deal with Stock Markets in China?

Joel Anderson | |

Chinese stock markets have been thrust into the consciousness of many investors at the beginning of 2016, but what do most investors really know about them?

​New Year’s Resolutions for Investors to Crush 2016

Joel Anderson | |

New Year's Resolutions that will guarantee your portfolio will soar!

3 Effective Ways to Hedge Portfolio Risk

Wesley Gray | |

Investing in the current environment is difficult. Most, if not all, asset classes have high nominal prices, suggesting low nominal expected returns...not exactly exciting. And for many investors

The Strategy of Bankruptcy

Ryan Bhandari | |

We just put out of a list of 50 Cent and other celebrities that have filed for bankruptcy protection. The question, though, is “Why do they do it?”  Is it simply because they have

Lines, Points and Bars: What Chart Works for You?

Meir Barak | |

Line Chart This is the simplest chart, commonly recognized by the public and used most often in financial media. A line chart is created by connecting all the closing prices (the last trade price

Ben Franklin’s Trusts: A Lesson in the Power of Compounding

Wesley Gray | |

Back in 1790, Ben Franklin created his Last Will and Testament, and set forth his wishes for the disposition of his property: …I devote two thousand pounds sterling, of which I

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