Investing Basics

DRIP Investing: Manage Risk with Dividend ReInvestments

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In an episode in the fourth season of Seinfeld, George reveals to Jerry that a savings plan he had briefly contributed to in Middle School with installments of less than $1 has gathered enough

How to Invest: CAN SLIM Strategy

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There are a number of different investing strategies for how to select successful stocks. The ability to jump onto a rocket ship before it takes off is the dream of any investor, so

What are the DJIA, S&P 500, and Nasdaq?

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The three major indices have become an economic gospel of sorts. For decades, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Standard & Poor's 500, and the Nasdaq Composite have been the economic

How to Invest: Benjamin Graham's Defensive Investor

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For a dedicated stock-picker with entire days to spend on research and enough backing capital to accept some serious risk, picking speculative stocks that could rise high or crash hard can be an

How to Invest: The O'Shaugnessy Tiny Titans Screen

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Sometimes the best place to find value is where no one else is looking. There are some that would argue that equities exist in conditions too close to a perfect market for anyone to consistently

How to Invest: Dogs of the Dow

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For anyone looking to find a safe way to invest $1,000, stock-picking is most likely not the way to go. Trying to pluck individual companies due to rise is extremely difficult, and even the best

How to Invest: The Piotroski Score

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This investment strategy comes from Joseph Piotroski, an accounting professor at the University of Chicago, who developed this method for weeding out quality stocks in 2000. Piotroski developed

How to Invest: The Schloss Screen

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In the pantheon of value investors, perched prominently among the all-time greats is Walter Schloss. Schloss never went to college, working his way up from a position as a runner that he was hired

How to Invest: Cash Rich Companies

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Cash on hand and cash coming in can be two crucial considerations to any investor when considering a stock purchase. In short, liquidity is important to a company in a way that's not entirely

How to Invest $1,000 Safely

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One of the best tips a novice investor can get is probably to simply expect moderate returns and to be happy with a lack of volatility. For those investors with a great deal of money to burn,

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