Investing Basics

How to Invest $1,000 Safely

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One of the best tips a novice investor can get is probably to simply expect moderate returns and to be happy with a lack of volatility. For those investors with a great deal of money to burn,

How to Invest: The Graham Number

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Who does Warren Buffett consider to be the author of the "the best book about investing ever written?" Benjamin Graham, an investor from the early 20th century whose "value

Growth Investing vs. Value Investing

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Growth investing and value investing are often viewed as being opposing theories on investing, two viewpoints that don't mesh together and won't work in conjunction. The classic viewpoint

Is Your Financial Advisor Right for You?

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A friend of mine used to have three financial advisors whom he forced into competition. If one started underperforming, he would pull some money from him and give it to the other two. I’ve

How to Invest: Tax Loss Harvesting

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Death and taxes, the two things in this world one cannot avoid. And while equities investments rarely force one to deal with the former, the latter is a permanent presence that cannot be dismissed

Wall Street Words of Wisdom: Best Jim Cramer Quotes

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Soft-spoken. Careful about his words. Quick to think, slow to speak. NONE of these describe Jim Cramer, one of the most visible market analysts today. Between his show Mad Money on CNBC, his

Fantasy Stocks for a Fantasy Market

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They don't ring bells at the top, but when a company called Fantex Holdings plans to sell shares in professional athletes and possibly actors and musicians, a chill should race up the spine of

What’s the Point of Owning All This Stuff?

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When my wife Jo and I decided to sell our home in Illinois, the first question we asked ourselves was, "What are we going to do with all our stuff?" Somehow our children, neighbors,

The Many Different Ways to Invest In a Company

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Investing in stock at the most basic level is buying partial ownership of a company by taking the risk and investing hard earned money. Investing comes with the understanding that the return an

What to Consider When Choosing an Online Brokerage

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As the Internet continues to be the forefront of everyday life for most people, it’s no surprise why online stock trading has become as important as ever for many investors. What that also means