How to Keep Track of Income Throughout the Month as a Freelancer

How to Keep Track of Income Throughout the Month as a Freelancer

Due | |

While you should update your books monthly at minimum, you can use one of these three simple methods to keep track of income throughout the month as a freelancer.

Creating a Brand Identity Your Prospects Are Most Interested In | |

Coming up with a brand identity isn’t an easy task. You have to consider the message you want the world to take away from any interaction with your company, and you have to think about what your target audience cares about.

Why You Should Get Paid Based on Results and Not Time

Due | |

If you’re good at what you do and can set your business up to get paid based on results, you can become more efficient to get those results for clients and customers while working fewer hours.

Intent on Getting a Big Raise? You May Have to Quit Your Job

Associated Press | |

What does it take to finally get a decent raise?

Why You Should Want Women in Leadership Positions

Andrew Deen | |

Although the conversations about the gender gap of women in leadership have improved, actual career growth for women at high levels within major organizations remains very small.

HNW Networking: The Perils of Keep Up With the Jones’s | |

Playing in their sandbox gets expensive.

'I Resent the Job-For-Life Notion': Why Everyone Wants a Side Hustle

Guardian Web | |

There are plenty of reasons someone would start a side hustle.

Tips For Women Breaking Into An Industry Dominated by Men

Julia Novakovich | |

Many industries have been traditionally gendered and women have been unwelcome in those spaces. Now women are pushing into these spaces in unprecedented numbers.

Ditching the Nine-to-Five: ‘Modern Men Are Looking for More Purpose’

Guardian Web | |

It takes courage and resilience to dump that safe-but-suffocating job.

The Road to Your First $500: How to Get Started Investing

Due | |

If you have a few decades to grow your investments, the power of compound interest can take even a marginal contribution and turn it into something that can fund your retirement.

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