Bears Return From A 6-Week Hiatus

Adam Sarhan | |

It was an ugly week on Wall Street as the bears returned from a short six week hiatus. Stocks fell hard last week, erased the last three weeks worth of gains, fell over 3.5%, and snapped

Major U.S. Indices Will Go to All-Time Highs in 2016: Current Correction Underway will be Short-Lived

Michael Markowski | |

The current correction that is underway for the U.S. and the stock markets of other developed countries is not signaling an economic collapse or recession that is similar to 2008. I believe that

Chinese Regulator Accuses Groups of Share Dumping

Steve Kanaval | |

In China, the government regulatory body that oversees stock transactions began an investigation into mass dumping of shares during recent declines, and like our Securities Exchange Commission,

The Modern Web: So Many Ways to Invest in Wireless Mobile Stocks

Tony Sagami | |

How many hours a day do your children or grandchildren spend on their smartphones? If they’re anything like mine, the answer is “too many.” According to a new study from

Stocks Rallied After April's Jobs Report

Adam Sarhan | |

Last week was a bullish week on Wall Street as investors sent stocks higher after the "data" pretty much took a June rate hike off the table. The Fed believes that the economic weakness

Valentine's Day Dinner: Equities Edition

Joel Anderson | |

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, men everywhere are preparing themselves to spend large sums of money. But where is all that money ending up? Which companies are best poised to take

Lending Club's IPO and the Next Phase of Crowdfunding

Steven Cinelli | |

The crowdfunding industry has entered a new, and possibly more legitimate space, in the framework of financial services. I refer to the recent S-1 filing of Lending Club (LC), which elevates the

GrubHub (GRUB) Takes Off After Q2 Report

Remy Merritt | |

Gone are the days when the only way to order take-out and delivery was through a direct call to a restaurant. GrubHub Inc ($GRUB) has been around since 2004, public since April 2014, and is now

Why Priceline Bought OpenTable, and What That Means for Yelp, Groupon and GrubHub

Jessica Beeli | |

OpenTable (OPEN) surged nearly 50 percent Friday, closing at $104.48 after hotel booking giant Priceline (PCLN) announced it will acquire the restaurant reservation website for $2.6 billion.

Are Social Media Stocks a Bubble?

Joel Anderson | |

Social media is a big business. The combined market cap of the industry’s three biggest players, Facebook (FB), LinkedIn (LNKD), and Twitter (TWTR) is over $160 billion, which would make