​Top Picks 2018: ON Semiconductor Has Momentum

MoneyShow | |

ON Semiconductor (ON), our top pick for the coming year, is a small player in the volatile, highly cyclical semiconductor industry.

​Aftermaster (AFTM) Announces Three Consecutive Quarters of Strong Sales

Spotlight Companies | |

Perfect audio never sounded so good.

AfterMaster (AFTM) Could Change Entertainment Audio for Good

Spotlight Companies | |

When the recording engineers who edited sound for John Lennon create a home audio processor, people stand up and take notice. Larry Ryckman, the CEO has been in the music industry for over 25 years

One ETF is Bucking the Trend

Deron Wagner | |

Since my last column, where I analyzed key support levels in the main stock market indexes, broad market conditions have deteriorated significantly. Now, all five of the main stock market indexes

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