Investors Should Focus on Specific Trends; Not Just on Where the Market Will Go Next

Jordan Kimmel | |

The recent volatility has a lot of people asking, “What happens next?” While it would be nice to know the future (and nobody does) – it might be wiser to ask, “What is the

Short-Term Bottoming Action is Taking Place

Jordan Kimmel | |

When fear levels are raising and people are losing their cool, it is hard to want to be anywhere near the stock market. Trying to pick the absolute bottom is almost impossible, and really should

This Part is Still Scary …Even if You Saw This Movie Before…

Jordan Kimmel | |

We all have emotions. Even if you try to operate in the stock market without any emotion, it is really difficult. Even if you fully expect an overdue correction, when it does finally arrive, you

A Market Knockdown is Coming...but NOT a Knockout!

Jordan Kimmel | |

As I have mentioned over the last few weeks, the tide has started to go out, the market leadership was getting narrower, the advance decline line was deteriorating, and the new-low list was

Stick with Winners ... Until They Ain’t

Jordan Kimmel | |

Will Rogers was adored in his era as both an actor and as a humorist. Not surprisingly, because of his common sense, or “horse sense,” he was also known as a terrific investor. To

Do Not Pass on Wish List Prices – Wash Out Sales Don’t Last

Jordan Kimmel | |

I have suggested for a few weeks that the stock market was prepared to go on sale. My thoughts were to get ready for it, be defensive and get your wish list ready. That is, make a list of the

Too Focused on Finding the Top? Still a Good Time to be Cautious …

Jordan Kimmel | |

The trend of the market has been relentlessly higher since the start of the new Bull Market way back in March 2009. The trend is your friend, and all of the forces that have created this Bull

Your Garden of Stocks…

Jordan Kimmel | |

If investors were as practical with their investment portfolio as they are with managing a garden, they might make a lot more money! There are so many analogies between managing a stock portfolio

Investors Should Pay Attention to the Market, Not the Forecasters

Jordan Kimmel | |

Everyone has an opinion on the markets. These days it seems to be fairly evenly split between the pundits calling for a correction. The bullish ones saying there is nowhere else to invest, and the

The Top YTD Performers in’s Small Cap Stars

Jacob Harper | |

As we round out the year it’s time to take “stock” of our collective stock portfolios and tracking projects and see how they performed on the year. The largest, most in-depth of

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