Oil & Gas

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The price of oil is not only about oil demand, which is rapidly deteriorating. It is also about oil supply.

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Saudi Aramco will hike supply to 12.3 million bpd — 300,000 bpd above maximum production capacity — meaning it will free up crude from storage.

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Berkshire Hathaway acquired some 976,000 Delta shares in February for roughly $45.3 million, according to a filing last Monday, raising its total holdings to 17.9 million shares.

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The slide will force a rethink of spending plans by boards that had cut costs in response to a 2014 oil downturn.

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While lower oil prices can mean cheaper gasoline, they wreak havoc on already struggling energy companies.

David Nelson, CFA CMT | |

With no deal in place, what's next for global energy producers?

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Saudi Arabia and Russia signaled they would increase output in a market already awash with crude.

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An explosion at a newly acquired refinery could end up costing the bank $200 million.

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In part two of this series, we examine Saudi Arabia, a nation out of step with its oil-hungry international consumers.

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The oil giant said the returns will be achieved by reining in capital spending, improving cost efficiency and cash flow growth.