The 5 Steadiest, Highest-Yielding Master Limited Partnerships

Joe Goldman | |

Master Limited Partnerships, or MLPs, have emerged as among the market's most most profitable and popular investments for a number of reasons.Most MLPs trade over public exchanges just like a

MLP Equity Trends Part 2: Variable Distribution MLPs

Hinds Howard | |

In my last column, I highlighted the trend of “at-the-market” equity offerings or equity distribution agreements within the MLP space.  Several more ATM deals have been announced since that

Investors Should Choose Quality as Charts Get Ugly

Joseph Cioffi | |

The charts continue to get uglier and uglier and MLPs are probably uglier than most. This is probably because the top here came two months before the rest of the market; much like the 2009 bottom

Is the Trend Changing for MLPs?

Joseph Cioffi | |

Master Limited Partnerships have been a wonderful leading indicator for the past three years. Since its December 2008 low, the index has moved up from 145 to 410. But the index hit a wall back in

A Blackeye for Buckeye?

Joseph Cioffi | |

Buckeye Partners (BPL) has not been getting any kind of a break lately. This MLP took it on the chin last week when it announced earnings. The company’s earnings were disappointing across the

Is Energy Transfer's Acquisition a Game Changer?

Joseph Cioffi | |

Monday we had big merger news in the MLP space as Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) announced that it will be buying Sunoco (SUN), making it the most diversified MLP (their words) out there.

Are the Best Companies to Work for Also the Best Investments?

Joel Anderson | |

There's nothing like a company that takes care of its own. The best companies to work for usually include stories about employees working on their own schedule, taking long breaks, enjoying an

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