Interesting Investments: Sneakers

Avery-Taylor Phillips | |

The resale value of sneakers relies on two factors...

​How Nike Raises the Bar on Fundamentals

MoneyShow | |

Nike’s strong brand and product pipeline have enabled it to raise prices and increase sales of both its apparel and footwear.

​The 6 Essentials for Spectacular Logo Design

Desireé Duffy | |

When developing your brand identity, nothing is more significant than your logo.

Are You A Luxury Brand?

John Livesay | |

Going above and beyond the expected is what true luxury is in today’s market, regardless of your price point.

​How Important is Branding to Revenue?

Andrew Deen | |

Branding can be a nebulous concept, one that seems like it might not directly impact revenue. But does it?

​Why Smaller Is Better When It Comes to Marketing Agencies

Desireé Duffy | |

Scrappy and fun are just some reasons.

​Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: An Investors Post-Truth Playbook

Martin Hoffmann | |

Brands and media companies are only as strong as their customers and followers...

These are the Largest Companies Headquartered in Each State

Visual Capitalist | |

After looking at the data, you might be surprised...

How Logo Color Can Affect Perception of Your Brand

Visual Capitalist | |

What does your company's color communicate?

Is the Apple Watch Cool Enough?

Casey Research | |

   ↵ The investment community has been up in arms over a lack of innovation from Apple (AAPL) . After all, the company hasn’t launched a new product line in quite some

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