US Gold Corp. Just Showed the Data Markets Were Looking For

Samuel Rae | |

Samuel Rae provides an update to his previous coverage of US Gold Corp.

​Forget Bitcon and Cryptocurrencies, Consider Gold

MoneyShow | |

All the gold ever mined would fit into an Olympic swimming pool.

​Six Reasons to Like Royalty Mining Stocks

MoneyShow | |

Many investors don’t realize how big a role royalty and streaming companies play in the mining business.

​A Detailed Look At US Gold Corp.'s Keystone Project: What We Know And What We Don't

Samuel Rae | |

Dataram recently closed out on a merger with US Gold Corp. The merger was a long time coming.

How Mining Investors Can Mitigate Risk When Targeting Potential Acquisition Targets

The Gold Report | |

Florian Siegfried, head of precious metals and mining investments with Zurich-based AgaNola, says there are small signs—fewer equities participating in the recent rally, greater spreads in

6 Potential Acquisition Targets As the Gold Sector Looks to Consolidate

The Gold Report | |

The wave of zero-interest liquidity washing over the financial world could result in a short-term gold bottom of $1,000 per ounce, reports Oliver Gross of Der Rohstoff-Anleger (The Resource

What If the Goldbugs Are Wrong?

The Mining Report | |

What if the goldbugs are wrong and fiat currency isn't going to throw the world into hyperinflation? What if instead, a steadily growing economy and a new awareness of the importance of having

The Key Thing to Look for in a Good Junior Gold Stocks

The Gold Report | |

Fund Manager Adrian Day has a ready answer for investors wondering why the gold price has been so depressed. It is the strength of the dollar. The Bank of Japan can act like a drunken sailor

Why Liquidity is a Gold Investor's Best Friend as Prices Stay Depressed

The Gold Report | |

Jay Taylor doesn't beat around the bush—he believes the price of gold is being suppressed to support the U.S. dollar and underwrite American foreign policy. But the publisher and editor

Is Gold Still a Safe Haven for Investors?

The Gold Report | |

PI Financial mining analyst Christos Doulis says six years ago when the financial crisis was in full swing, safe-haven buying made gold skyrocket. Today, the fear component is down, as is the

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